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  1. Stunning! Especially liking the engines.
  2. I was just in my local shop to pick up a Bandai AT-ST kit for my son and they were just unboxing a new shipment. They had three of the ZM bf-109g14 kits sitting on the counter that hadn't even made it to the shelf yet. So I picked one up for the stash. Paid about 102 USD for it. I haven't built a ZM kit before, so this one may sit awhile till my skills get better...heh. While there, I also pre-ordered the ZM TA-152, which is being re-released for an xmas delivery. My lucky day.
  3. Thanks for the help. I always seem to forget about LSP's kit database. The Doyusha Zero kit was priced at about $60USD. I already have the Hasewaga A6M5C kit which was a little cheaper than that and is good enough for me.
  4. Just curious if anyone has any info on Doyusha kits. I was in the local shop today and they had two available in 1/32. An A6M2 Zero and a Mustang. Scalemates is my normal go to for info, but they don't have any in box or build reviews listed. This is the Zero as shown on Scalemates. Are they good, bad or otherwise? Thanks for assistance.
  5. I placed an order with them in November. A small package of canopy masks and pitot tubes that came in a padded business envelope. Cost of order was about 17 euros and delivery from Poland to Canada was 3.50 euros. Extremely reasonable shipping costs. I paid with Visa in Canadian $'s and the bank in Poland they deal with charged Visa $7 for the currency exchange. Visa was kind enough to pass that on to me. Was quick as well. Total of about 10 days from order placement to delivery. I would order again for small package stuff but not sure in what shape an entire kit would arrive in.
  6. Would be great to have except shipping is an additional $60. My financial officer would frown at that.
  7. Last January, I did a pre-order and curb side pick up of several Mission Models paints and a gloss varnish on my way into work. Not thinking about it, I left them in the car all day at about -10C. The paints were fine, but the varnish was crystalized sludge.
  8. A gorgeous collection. My wife got me the SU-27 this past summer as an anniversary present, and to be honest, it scares the hell out of me every time I open the box and have a look.
  9. I also was very happy with them initially. I built a Zero and MRP was the only choice that had the colours I needed. They spray really nice with no thinning and look great. I sprayed on future as a clear coat before decalling which may have been my mistake. Cured for a couple of days and then started decals. The water from the decals caused runs and streaks in the paint. Brushing on micro sol made it worse. It made for a lot of touch ups. Because most other people seem to have good results, I don't want to give up on them and plan to try it again but using a gloss clear other than future.
  10. I have the Trumpeter F4U-4 to work on over the summer. I'm newish to modelling and have never built a Corsair so I'll keep an eye on this one.
  11. Looks very nice. Would you have done a WIP or build log? Thanks.
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