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    Model building, WWll armor, aircraft and the occasional ship/boat. Also enjoy history and baseball.

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  1. I think im going to go back to coloring. Im clearly not a model builder. This is just unbelievable.
  2. C'mon, we need an update!!! This thing is epic. I check in everyday hoping for some pictures...sometimes twice
  3. Awesome job! Looks like its about to get after it.
  4. These are just really well done colorized photos from WWll. Lol
  5. It was just a thought. I would never want to discourage anyone from doing something they love.
  6. Hello to everyone. I recently joined LSP after many years of "snooping" around this wondeful sight. Ive been building armor for a long time and only occasionally build a plane or ship. But I'd like to pose a suggestion...you folks have some amazingly talented builders on here! Folks that i can only dream of being a fraction as talented. You really need a Hall of Fame, "Best of the Best" section, where the moderators induct those...cut above builds. I spent this last week looking at mainly the WWll Pacific builds, and was floored buy the talent. Anyways just a thought. Happy modeling! Ken
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