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  1. You might just be right there Mike. I'm sure Dave Pratt is the man in question. And yes, I used to live in Woodinville, and drove to the Renton Community Center for the show nearly every year I was there.
  2. IPMS Region 12. The website doesn't seem to have been updated since 2019.
  3. Lived in Seattle for 21 years and moved to NC for a change of scenery. Actually got fed up with the traffic and the disintegration of neighborhood culture from foreign owners and corporate renters. It was time. Should have checked first though, there's no IPMS show in Raleigh!
  4. It's ten years or more since someone gave me a 1/24 D-13 conversion for the Trumpy 190D-9. I cannot recall who it was, but I think his name was Dave. It was at the Seattle IPMS show, and I had entered my D-9 and won something or other. It's been a while. Anyhoo, he we are, a million years later, and I am building Yellow 10. I'm not going to post to WIP, but I wanted to publically thank 'Dave', for giving me the conversion in the first place. It's an excellent resin piece, and I'm looking forward to finishing the build. If anyone reading is 'Dave' get in touch. Have a great day, folks. James
  5. Thanks Crazy. I appreciate the 'like'. If you're talking about the top green, I used a base coat of MM Faded Olive Drab and then used Olive Drab along all panel lines. The contrasts was a little to strong, so I mixed a 50:50 mix of the two and misted a very thin coat to soften it. Came out ok.
  6. Hi Rick, I really have no idea. Certainly not the Ki-44, as I have that kit and checked already.
  7. Hi Guys, My Hasegawa Ki-84 is nearly done, but I lost one of the wing tank supports during final assembly. How does that happen?? Anyhoo, if anyone has a trashed Ki-84 or part N4 in their spares box, please let me know. And yes, I got my yellows wrong Thanks! James
  8. What's the monoplane in the background? Fairy Battle maybe?
  9. Morning guys, A long time ago I purchased the LSP replacement cowl for the Trumpy F4U. The kit is now on the bench and I dug out the cowl for fondling. Did it ever come with instructions on how to use the PE? ? My small Ziploc baggy never had any or they got lost over time. Any help welcomed. Thanks! James
  10. I just counted the rivets and they've made a mistake. I'll wait for the definitive article from Trumpeter/Hobby Boss.
  11. I just died and went to heaven. St. Peter said he wants one too.
  12. One of my day dreams is inheriting a secret 'stash' of WW2 planes collected after the war by a secretive relation. Weird, I know :). I've driven to work imagining an arrival at Oshkosh in an airworthy He-219 or a TA-152H. Wouldn't that be amazing! So go on, let your imaginations fly and share your dream mode of transport to Oshkosh!
  13. Mind boggling! I just want to crawl under a rock or take up knitting. Your work is exquisite. Thanks for sharing.
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