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  1. mgunns

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    The problem is you used the Airscale instrument panel. I have the same and had to trim the IP down to get it to fit properly. I haven't glued the halves together yet. but am getting there. I am curious how the fit will be when mated to the aft fuselage. HMMMM
  2. mgunns

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Great looking panel. The effort is paying dividends in quality of work.
  3. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Okay, I got a little progress on the front turret. The photos really don't look too good, but; in real life it looks much better. Anyway, I drilled out the holes in the supports. I painted the whold thing Tamiya XF84 Dark Iron to offset it from the black. I painted the receivers Tamiya XF 69 Nato Black to make them stand out a bit from the Burnt Iron. There is a mtetal flake like quality to the burnt iron and the Macro lense picks that up, but again, in normal viewing distance it isn't as prevelant. Anyway, here goes I have the plastic barrels in there just to see how the alignment is. I tried to find some photo's of the control panel for color, but couldn't find anything of note so I just made a SWAG, it adds some color and you can see that sometlhing is in there. I brush painted the rounds in the feed chutes ALCLAD Pale Gold and brush painted the chutes ALCLAD Aluminum. I dry brushed the whole assembly with Testors MM Aluminum. This is two evenings worth of work. I do have the Master Barrles for this kit. They look awfully fiddly, but will see if I can get them to look decent. I am not going to discard the kit barrels, as they don't look too bad, but you can't beat the Master barrels for clarity of detail. Thanks for stopping by and checkin git out.
  4. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Thanks Hakan for checking it out. It's a work in progress alright. Hope to post more in a day or two as I plod along.
  5. Here is the page out of the instructions, I was wrong, it calls for 300 grams of weight which is as stated above by Alain, .66 of a pound Not trying to steal a thread, but somone asked about wheels, here are the wheels for the P-38, and the obverse I think it wold make a nice looking front wheel for the Liberator, the modeler could cut a disc and cover the spokes.
  6. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Okay, I got a little more accomplished on the interior. I managed to get past pages 1&2 and am now on page 3 of the instructions. The forward flight deck is now complete. Another view of the office. I picked out a few more details on the radio gear. A word of caution for the modelers using the Airscale PE instrument panel: Ensure you have a good match because it can affect the fit of the IP in the forward fuselage if no aligned properly. Another view. I detailed the radio gear under the navigator table, sadly, it will not be seen. The starbord side of the inside of the forward cockpit area with the electrical panel fixed in position. Below is the forwad section of the starboard side with comms and portholes in place. And........just when you thought you've seen it all, the port side with gear and portholes in place. Now it's on to the forward gun turret. I did order the DN canopy and turret mask set for this airplane. I know I could have masked it myself, but using a pre cut mask set on my 1/48 scale Lancs spoiled me, so I will be awaiting those masks. Thanks for stopping by and scoing it out.
  7. If you look in the instructions it tells the modeler how much weight to add to the nse, I believe it is 30 grams which is almost a 2/3 of a lb of nose weight.
  8. mgunns

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Nicely done. I used AIZU tape on the my 1/48 Lancaster as they used tape to seal the seams where the fuselages joined. Gave the model a nice affect. I plan on using it on this HK build as well. I like the non skid affect you achieved with this. I think I will be employing your idea on mine as well. Thanks for posting.
  9. mgunns

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Top notch work there. The radio gear looks great and will be seen through all that green house. The black is a nice touch as well. I don't think that the modeler can get too dogmatic about interior colors. Looking forward to the next update.
  10. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Thanks Kevin: Looking forward to seeing what and where you are on your model.
  11. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Okay, more Lancaster Modeling excitement. I spent about two and a half hours tonight working on more of the interior, it's getting close folks. Got part of the Gee Navigation and the Radio in place. The camera isn't kind and I see some areas to touch up. There will be more as well This is the panel on the port side of the pilot platform. It looks to be just some junction boxes, not sure though. One of the navigation panels. Another panel. Not sure what the box is, first aid kit maybe? I pulled some decals off of a WNW Sopwith Dolphin sheet to add some interest to the pieces. Not sure what they mean, but the look sort of neat on the pieces, and besides, once buttoned up, hardly noticeable. The wood grain is a base of Tamiya XF-55, with WIndsor Newton Burnt Sienna oils, overlayed with Tamiya clear orange and a bit of Tamiya Smoke. The seat is finished and fixed into place. I used Humbrol leather for the base coat, some dry brushing with Testors MM Desert tan, an overcoat of Tamiya Orange and Smoke, and then on overspray of Testors Dull Coat. I thought I would have some fun with my photo editor. And in real life Not quite as dramatic. The handle looking thing, which I think is a bomb release is shown to go behind the ruder pedals, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to make it all fit, noticing that there is no bomb release handle, I put it there. I used a Vector Cut gear for the forward trim knob, but it really isn't too visible. The trim wheel is painted Testors #4 Dark Red for a little color variation. Another view of the radio operator with some of the myriad gear at his feet. As a lot of this stuff won't be seen, I won't be using the clear fuselage halves, I am not going to get too wrapped around the axel over things that won't be seen. Another shot of the navigator seat. Again using Humbrol Leather, dry brushed with Testors MM Desert Tan and overcoated with Tamiya Yellow and smoke. The seat belts are from the Eduard set for the 1/48 Lancaster. I used them for the pilots seat, except the chest harness is from the kit PE. I did spend some time on the radio gear that won't be seen, but it was sort of fun trying to match the colors as shown in the reference book on the Dambuster. That's about enough excitement for tonight. I will spend some more time on it tomorrow and see how far I get. If it's meaningful progress I will post some pics. Thanks for looking and your comments.
  12. mgunns

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    "And they're off!" I echo LSP_Ron's comment. Great start and good progress. Thanks for sharing that photo, I was wondering where all that other radio gear would be going. Now I know.
  13. mgunns

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Okay, making some progress. As this is pretty much an OOB build there won't be any time spent "correcting" errors in the kit. I enjoy seeing those modelers that do that, but I am not one of them. I do have the Master Barrels for the kit. I made some progress on the interior to date. The seat isn't finished but workingon it, very fiddly. I used Humbrol Leather with some Modern Desert sand for highlighting and Tamiya orange. Not finished but moving. The yellow Gas Detection dod is out of an old decal sheet for the Blue Angels, using a hole punch I cut out a few. I did put one in the back but it isn't in this image. I spent some time on the "AirScale" P.E. parts. I found the instructions to be a little on the vague side, but after reading them a few times, following the steps it all became clear. I used Testors Model Maser Insignia Yellow and RAF Azure Blue for the gauges. The other colors are plain old Testors #3 Red and Testors Model Master Orange. For the overall color I used Tamiya Burnt Iron. It isn't black, has some metalic in it, just enough to set it off from black and make it stand out a bit. Another view of the "office", as you can see a lot of work left in this area. I spent from about 1530 to 2330 working on the stuff you see here. The fit of the "AirScale" PE is real nice. The sequence of cutting out the control knobs is well thought out and "easy peasey" for those less inclined with PE parts. Just for fun, here is a shot of the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster next to the fuselage sections of the HK Lancaster. It looks quite small. Another "Fun" shot: My wife indicating where the finished model will be "displayed." She's such a joker! In reality, she supports my hobby (addiction). Can't have a build without the obligatory matchstick for size comparison. Okay, that's it for this iteration. I am making progress and will post more as that progress continues. Thanks for looking in and comment.
  14. mgunns

    HK Lancaster no. 3 to the GB

    You are making some good progress there. I got bogged down with other stuff. Making some progress tonight. I will be following you as you go through build. It is too bad about the Pantom of the Ruhr. It's a neat scheme, it flew over 100 missions and survived the war. As noted the letters are way too red. Kitsworld has some neat ideas, but their Q.C. is horrible as the letters in one sheet may be correct whilst in another, they are way off. Too bad, they offer some nict schemes.
  15. mgunns

    HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster

    It looks like so far you and I are the only ones doing the HK Lanc. Your approach is more robust than mine as I am going to do it pretty much OOB, save for barrels, I.P., and a few other details. I doubt tha tyou wil be ruining your model, but only enhancing. it. I will be following along to see how you are progressing.