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  1. I have entertained thoughts of buying this "D" kit, now not so sure. I would like to see a profile shot.
  2. Lots of nice interior work there that will, sadly, not be seen once you mate the fuselage halves. The bomb aimer position is nice with all that stuff you have in there that will be seen. How did you weigh the nose, or are you going to prop the rear with a ladder or something? I have this kit, but I am thinking of selling it, it's just too big for my space.
  3. Try Stevens International, they import Trumpeter and I think Hobby Boss. I got some extra 1/200 Trumpeter HMS Rodney turrets from them for a reasonable fee. Here's a link, give 'em a try, it worked for me, friendly, fast and efficient. https://www.stevenshobby.com/contactus.aspx
  4. I can't quite make out the nose art on the Box Art but; I suspect it's "Wongo Wongo". It's curious they show that aircraft flying over the refinery when in reality, it never made European Landfall.
  5. I have always had a thing for the PB4Y-2. Too bad the only example in plastic is the OOP Matchbox kit. I think it might be a tad too much considering the cost of the HB kit and then the cost of the conversion kit. Lots of cutting and splicing, might be a good idea, but not a good seller. I would think that Trumpeter or Hobby Boss would come out with one in 1/48 at least. See what kind of feedback you get and what kind of commitment you can get from the modelers. As much as I like the idea, I doubt I would pop for one.
  6. Worked this time: Just ordered it. Thanks
  7. ptbarnum101. I bought a vac form emerson turret from you about 6 months or so ago, gave you positive feedback.
  8. I tried to purchase this turret on ebay and it said you aren't taking orders from me. Can you change that as I would like to purchase this turret.
  9. You don't know what the production numbers were as you assume they were in very small numbers, but you don't know. No one outside of WNW knows what they are. The fact that they are gone would indicate that all the units were sold.
  10. You can't imagine they sold very many Gotha's? They sold out! I think that would constitute selling a lot of Gotha's.
  11. The detail looks pretty good there and looks like you're making progress. WIll be following along.
  12. Thanks folks for checking in and your comments and interest in the build. Moving along n the bild I noticed at step 24 the parts marked M17, M12, M20, M1, and M5 should be "N". I'm sure you coud all figure it out, I mean, I did. But; I wasn't sure if this has been posted before or not and thought that someone may find it useful. More pics as I make some real progress.
  13. Hello Jari: Thanks for your comment and the link to the manual. Lots of good information on the Lancaster in that book, looks like some other goodies on the site as well. Going out of town for a couple of days, so no updates or modeling excitement.
  14. I just wrapped the tape around the bomb. A bit at each end. Not sure the length, I didn't measure it, just applied it off the roll. I started on the "back side" where the two pins are to mate it to the bomb bay floor/roof. I used the same stuff but in the 2mm size for the joint tape on my 1/48 Lancaster. I superglued the tape on. I am not worried about them coming off. Here's the fin end: and the other end: As this the side that attaches to the bomb bay, I figured it was a good place to start and finish. Thanks for looking in and com
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