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  1. Yea, there's not much this guy doesn't do well. Glad you liked the article
  2. You're welcome! I know the builder and he's an exceptional modeler.
  3. Hey Everybody, Here's an awesome build article on the Wingnut Wings Sopwith: it's beautiful. It was just completed for a display of WWI aircraft in the Museum of Flight, Seattle. Suggestions are provided for preparing custom mixes of WWI colors as well: pretty informative. Enjoy! https://modelpaintsol.com/builds/wingnut-wings-sopwith-camel-32074-build
  4. Hey Everybody, Here's a little ditty I've been pecking away at for a while that has suggestions for matching the dilution of paint (ex 25 or 40%) and airbrush nozzle size (ex 0.15 or 0.40mm) to the spray job (Fine-Line or Clear Coat). Drop me a line if you have any comments or Q's Thanks and Cheers! --John https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/matching-the-paint-dilution-and-tip-harder-steenbeck-infinity
  5. Hey Guys, For those of you that occasionally delve into 1/48 scale aircraft, the new Minicraft T-34A is out and reviewed here: https://modelpaintsol.com/reviews/minicraft-48-t-34-mentor-11671 I've tried to address the riveting issue's raised on other sites by making a pictorial comparison between the kit and a 1:1 Mentor. Bottom Line: To me the rivets are not a big deal; nothing that can't be handled with a little sandpaper and re-scribing if you choose to do so. We'll see how the kit is received....... Thanks! --J
  6. Thanks for the feed back! I appreciated your time. I'm in the process of getting some smaller racks for both the 2 and 5ml tubes so stay tuned. best, --J
  7. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you bluntness ("old and a fart") A couple of things to consider -These tubes are good for smaller sized mixes (2-5 ml) such as the average airbrush paint cup. Tamiya bottles are great but not so much for smaller volume mixes (too much head space). -Pipettes are good for volumes of ~1ml or so but not much smaller. The 2ml tubes have gradations smaller that 1ml making smaller volume mixes easier and more accurate. -The tube racks are 4.25 for two. Each rack holds 25 tubes. So, 4.25 get's you rack space for 50 tubes. That seems reasonable too me. -Glad you have an endless supply of Tamiya bottles My build rate has never been fast enough to generate a lot of free bottles for mixing or storage. -Not a tech. Thanks again for your comments and best regards, Stuka, M.D., Ph.D.
  8. Hey Guys! So I've been working on this article for a while Laboratory Centrifuge Tubes! These are awesome for measuring, mixing, and storing model paints. They'll take Lacquers, Enamels, whatever.......... I've been using them for 20 years. I didn't want to add them to MPS until we had a source of well made, graduated tubes. Now we do. Here's the link: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/spin-tubes-tool-for-measuring-mixing-storing-paint Drop me a line and let me know what you think! --J
  9. Hey Everybody! I just put the new Mission Models metallic colors (Duraluminum, White and Dark Aluminum, and Silver) through the MPS paint test and was really impressed with the results: -Easy to spray -Blendable into as many shades as you want to mix -Resistant to enamel washes without using a protective clear coat Here's the review: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/new-mission-model-metallics-white-aluminum-duraluminum Drop me a line if you have any questions or comments at john@modelpaintsol.com Thanks!
  10. Hey Everybody, I just had another large scale plane on my bench for a review and what an awesome kit. The new ICM Bü-131D Jungmann. This kit is just begging for some super-detailing. https://modelpaintsol.com/reviews/icm-1-32-bucker-bu-131d-jungmann-32020
  11. Stuka

    New Review of MPS Paint Tools

    Hey Chris, Sorry for the late reply. No, I've not received any reports of acrylic paints reacting to our stainless steel mixing balls. We source ours from a company that makes them for nail polish (human use). Because of that they have to meet strict guidelines with regards to chemical reactivity. There's a lot of on-line sources for steel mixing balls that aren't always what they appear (i.e., stainless). Thanks for the heads up though. Best, --John
  12. Hey Everybody, A very detailed review of our paint mixing, storing, and transfer tools went up on Hyperscale today. Lots of good pics with a breakdown of the tools. We're pretty pleased: http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/tools/mpsaccessoriesreviewbg_2.htm
  13. Hey LSP folks, I don't review many "big boy" kits but fell hard for the new Roden 1/32 O-2A. With a little elbow grease this kit will build i to an impressive model! Here's the review: https://modelpaintsol.com/reviews/roden-132-o2-skymaster Nice Kit!
  14. Hey Everybody, I've translated a life-long canopy fetish into a new "How-To" article on buffing and polishing clear parts. Here's a link: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/getting-scratches-out-tricks-for-clear-parts-canopies I hope you find something helpful
  15. I couldn't agree more Hooked for life. I have added a few drops of Future floor wax (or Pledge with Future Shine as it's now called) per paint cup of diluted Tamiya to increase the hardiness of dried Tamiya. Works pretty well.