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  1. Hey Guys! I've been meaning to put this up for the Me-262 fans: Detail pics of the recently restored 262 headed for flight tests----Too Cool!! Enjoy! https://modelpaintsol.com/news/restored-me-262-flight-test-pictures
  2. "Goo" That's exactly how I described the effect of lacquer thinner (LT) on most acrylics in v1 of the cleaning article. Nasty stuff: worthy of an X-Files. Interestingly, one acrylic that solubilized with LT after drying was Model Master. Beware of the goo................
  3. Hey Guys, Jack Mathews, a master modeler and fellow member of Seattle-IPMS and NorthWest Scale Modelers, has written a very nice article explaining the assembly and use of his biplane assembly jig. This thing is ingenious and easily scalable for 1/32 big-boy biplanes Here's the link: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/a-brilliantly-simple-biplane-assembly-jig Thanks! --John
  4. Thanks for all the responses: much appreciated!! Keep 'em coming. There have been a couple of suggestions for cleaners that the technicians in the secret underground MPS paint research laboratory are looking into :) More soon.... Best, --John
  5. Hey Guys, I preparing an updated version of the Airbrush Cleaning article on my site and I'm looking for cleaning reagents I've not tested yet. Here's a link to version 1: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/airbrushing-tips-v4-airbrush-cleaners If you have any suggestions for new/novel airbrush cleaners (acrylic, lacquer, enamel) let me know. If your suggestion is tested, you'll get a free "Mix-A-Lot" kit worth $46 Thanks! --John
  6. Nice! When enlarged, the inscribed lines look sharp and crisp. So glad it's working for you! Thanks for the pic. Best, --J
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the feed back. Are you using the t.15 or t.20? I'm using the t.20 on a 1/32 -109 and really liking the results best, --J
  8. I am I'll be putting a scribing article out soon that incorporates the Holly and Needle-point scribers. They've been on my bench for a while and I really like how they handle. Thanks and best! --John
  9. I've used the 0.20mm Holly on a 32nd -109 I'm working on and it seemed spot-on width-wize best, --J
  10. Hey Guys, I picked up a couple of the new Holly Scribers at the IPMS Nat's in Phoenix last year for testing at the old work bench. After using them on 2 consecutive models I have to say these scribers are awesome! They come in three different widths of 0.10, 0.15, and 0.20mm. Here's a link to the info page on MPS: https://modelpaintsol.com/news/the-new-scribers-on-the-block-the-holly Thanks! --J
  11. That's an awesome trick! Thanks for that --J
  12. Hey Guys, After a long search, we've fund quality mini-scissors that make cutting and using super-thin Micro-Masking Tapes easy. Here's a little ditty on using both to mask clear parts and canopies. https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/micro-tape-and-mini-scissors-masking-made-easy Thanks! --John
  13. Glad you like them I've been using them for a couple of months-really handy. The reverse clips are ridiculously heavy duty: they'll last. Thanks! --John
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