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  1. Hey Guys! Here's a little ditty on preparing mixtures of Mr. Surfacer Filler that can be applied with an airbrush as a 2-3mm wide line: very handy https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/preparing-sprayable-filler Thanks! --John
  2. Hey Ray, The diameter is large enough for me to pour from LifeColor bottles into a vial but you gotta be careful The rack takes care of knocking them over and storing them--it's good for 50 vials. Thanks for the comments. --John
  3. I like it: definitely buildable and an improvement over ye olde Monogram. Thanks for the tip on the underside turret
  4. Hey Guys, Although not technically a "big boy" kit the new-mold A/B-26 Invader looks to be a very nice build: This will be on my work bench in the not-too-distant future https://modelpaintsol.com/reviews/icm-48-a-26-invader-48281
  5. Hey Guys, For all those in the greater Denver area, I'll be at the Colpar's HobbyTown-Aurora on Saturday, Nov 2nd, doing fine-line airbrushing demos and answering questions. On Sunday, Nov 3rd, I'll be presenting Airbrushing Tutorials at 12 and 3pm that will focus on everything from Airbrushing Basics to shooting lines 1mm wide and thinner. I hope to see you there ! Here's a link: https://modelpaintsol.com/news/mps-will-be-at-colpars-hobbytown-november-2-3-for-a-fineline-airbrushing-weekend
  6. Hey Guys, We've just added 5 and 10ml Paint Vials along with a handy storage rack to Model Paint Solutions! These vials have molded-in gradations, are leak-proof, and are good with even the strongest lacquers. Each set (5 or 10ml) comes with 10 Vials, Stainless Steel Mixing Balls, and a Percent Paint Mixing Chart. Here's a link: https://modelpaintsol.com/news/paint-storage-vials-best-option
  7. Hey Guys! I've been meaning to put this up for the Me-262 fans: Detail pics of the recently restored 262 headed for flight tests----Too Cool!! Enjoy! https://modelpaintsol.com/news/restored-me-262-flight-test-pictures
  8. "Goo" That's exactly how I described the effect of lacquer thinner (LT) on most acrylics in v1 of the cleaning article. Nasty stuff: worthy of an X-Files. Interestingly, one acrylic that solubilized with LT after drying was Model Master. Beware of the goo................
  9. Hey Guys, Jack Mathews, a master modeler and fellow member of Seattle-IPMS and NorthWest Scale Modelers, has written a very nice article explaining the assembly and use of his biplane assembly jig. This thing is ingenious and easily scalable for 1/32 big-boy biplanes Here's the link: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/a-brilliantly-simple-biplane-assembly-jig Thanks! --John
  10. Thanks for all the responses: much appreciated!! Keep 'em coming. There have been a couple of suggestions for cleaners that the technicians in the secret underground MPS paint research laboratory are looking into :) More soon.... Best, --John
  11. Hey Guys, I preparing an updated version of the Airbrush Cleaning article on my site and I'm looking for cleaning reagents I've not tested yet. Here's a link to version 1: https://modelpaintsol.com/guides/airbrushing-tips-v4-airbrush-cleaners If you have any suggestions for new/novel airbrush cleaners (acrylic, lacquer, enamel) let me know. If your suggestion is tested, you'll get a free "Mix-A-Lot" kit worth $46 Thanks! --John
  12. Nice! When enlarged, the inscribed lines look sharp and crisp. So glad it's working for you! Thanks for the pic. Best, --J
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the feed back. Are you using the t.15 or t.20? I'm using the t.20 on a 1/32 -109 and really liking the results best, --J
  14. I am I'll be putting a scribing article out soon that incorporates the Holly and Needle-point scribers. They've been on my bench for a while and I really like how they handle. Thanks and best! --John
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