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  1. Congratulations to the both of you. Great scenery for a wedding. I thought I saw Bigfoot lurking in the background in the third or fourth photo......
  2. I wouldn't do it. I bid on a Trumpeter P-47 some months back. Figured I could lose $30.00. A package was delivered to an address in the small town I live in but it wasn't my address. And to top it off it wasn't even a model kit, but some type of hat. Ebay figured the package was delivered and I could send the incorrect item back to China. Learned the hard way. The seller isn't even registered with ebay anymore. Maybe ebay can do something about that. I'll never buy from anyone in Asia again, except Japan.
  3. Is there a discount for largescaleplane modelers? I looked and the Squadron price is $128.00 for the F4U-1A with their discount. Please let us know more. Jerry
  4. Hello: I was looking through ebay and noticed a chinese seller offering 1/32 planes at ridiculous prices. Don't know if it's legit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Trumpeter-02265-1-32-P-47N-Thunderbolt/123699327792?epid=2255338958&hash=item1ccd0df330:g:QkgAAOSwzaJX3uV7. His feedback is not bad but maybe someone on here has dealt with them before.
  5. Don't forget the bed liner. Don't want to scratch that fancy paint job. I remember when those were at the dealer. The local Chevy dealer wanted $25,000 for one. Still want one.
  6. The eyes are not what they used to be so 100% accuracy is not in my reach. Having said that, I'm convinced you could take any airplane out there and somehow magically reduce it to 1/32 size and enter it in a contest and people would still point out the inaccuracies of the "build". Jerry
  7. Got an extra $16,000 to spare! Check this out:https://www.ebay.com/itm/FG-1D-Corsair-Fine-Art-Models-Airplane-1-15-Bazan-Design-Limited-Edition-Kohs/143056901164?hash=item214edb142c:g:2OgAAOSw3BJcGUvD Don't know if I would buy one if I had the cash. Nice to look at. Jerry
  8. Still waiting for the rechargeable jetpack. Getting older and hate driving. Funny thing is, this will probably happen in my lifetime.
  9. I saw the special on Lynyrd Skynyrd on AXS tv early this year. Didn't know that a California dude had a big hand in the Skynyrds hits. I figured they were an all southern rock band. Have their greatest hits CD. Too bad for his loss.
  10. What kind of climbing gear did he use or are those special suction cups?
  11. Oh, a lot of mustang lovers down here ! My dream would be a Challenger Hellcat, but it's a bit overpriced for me (they're way more expensive overseas...). Maybe in the next years i would buy an old Charger of the early 70's. My car (with the canadian plates i got in the first months) : How much does it cost to fill the tank in that thing? I would think that's an investment there in France. Jerry
  12. Or some scissors and no alcohol consumption before hand. If you a are a large scale modeler then you probably have precise hand movement.
  13. Pull that trigger and do it. If it will make you feel better, make a half ass attempt to sell some of your stash to make the Mrs. feel better. That's what I'm gonna do when the 1/32 B-24 is released and what I had to do when I bought the TimeSlip Creations Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  14. Thanks for the information. Very useful.
  15. Hello: I noticed a all resin 1/32 B-25 on ebay. This is made by Marco's Miniatures and am wondering about the quality of this kit. Probably not Hong Kong Models level but does anyone know anything about this kit, accuracy, fitment of parts, etc? Thanks, Jerry
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