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  1. Got an extra $16,000 to spare! Check this out:https://www.ebay.com/itm/FG-1D-Corsair-Fine-Art-Models-Airplane-1-15-Bazan-Design-Limited-Edition-Kohs/143056901164?hash=item214edb142c:g:2OgAAOSw3BJcGUvD Don't know if I would buy one if I had the cash. Nice to look at. Jerry
  2. gerry1

    Hoverboards - what can go wrong?

    Still waiting for the rechargeable jetpack. Getting older and hate driving. Funny thing is, this will probably happen in my lifetime.
  3. I saw the special on Lynyrd Skynyrd on AXS tv early this year. Didn't know that a California dude had a big hand in the Skynyrds hits. I figured they were an all southern rock band. Have their greatest hits CD. Too bad for his loss.
  4. gerry1

    High flying Raccoon

    What kind of climbing gear did he use or are those special suction cups?
  5. Oh, a lot of mustang lovers down here ! My dream would be a Challenger Hellcat, but it's a bit overpriced for me (they're way more expensive overseas...). Maybe in the next years i would buy an old Charger of the early 70's. My car (with the canadian plates i got in the first months) : How much does it cost to fill the tank in that thing? I would think that's an investment there in France. Jerry
  6. gerry1

    I laughed till my tummy ached

    Or some scissors and no alcohol consumption before hand. If you a are a large scale modeler then you probably have precise hand movement.
  7. gerry1

    Oh dear, what have I done?

    Pull that trigger and do it. If it will make you feel better, make a half ass attempt to sell some of your stash to make the Mrs. feel better. That's what I'm gonna do when the 1/32 B-24 is released and what I had to do when I bought the TimeSlip Creations Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  8. gerry1

    Inquiry about Marco's Miniatures B-25

    Thanks for the information. Very useful.
  9. Hello: I noticed a all resin 1/32 B-25 on ebay. This is made by Marco's Miniatures and am wondering about the quality of this kit. Probably not Hong Kong Models level but does anyone know anything about this kit, accuracy, fitment of parts, etc? Thanks, Jerry
  10. gerry1

    Shipping Costs Outside The USA

    I've sold kits on ebay and have sent items declared as a gift and declared value at much less than actual value of kit. Never had a lost kit anywhere and that included a 1/12 scale Tamiya F1 car to Kazakhstan and a 1/32 Revell P-38 to New Caledonia. I know you are not supposed to do this but this is often at the request of the buyer. What I am really surprised at is the reliability of the mail anywhere in the world. I sent a kit to someone in Brazil and it was returned some 4 months later because the individual gave me the wrong address. Yes, it is expensive to ship from the US to other countries including Canada but Air is the only option for USPS. And as an American I am glad we don't have the VAT but that could change. Jerry
  11. Yes, it could have been accidentally on purpose but 1 million US dollars is alot to pay for that. Just pointing out the dollar figure for that bombing run and it occured on April 1, 1944, no less. Don't want to make any waves here, but I have a problem believing that a well planned bombing raid that was designed to take out a key German target and unfortunately went astray into Swiss territory was "accidentally-on-purpose". Jerry
  12. Not quite desertion here, but in the Air Battles series of books by Tomasz Szlagor titled Mustangs over the Third Reich, a chapter titled Two Pronged Thrust begins with an errant bombing run by the 8th Air Force in to Swiss territory resulted in the U.S. government paying the Swiss 1 million dollars for that mistake. Also, some time back I was viewing a WW2 special on the history channel that mentioned up to a thousand U.S. soldiers deserted during the Battle of the Bulge. Don't know how true that was but I remember the story mentioned the deserting soldiers did not get alot of grief from their fellow soldiers who chose to stay. Jerry
  13. gerry1

    Hypersonic Race is On...!

    The 60's tv show Land of the Giants is a series about a futuristic airliner that can travel at supersonic speeds to various destinations. I believe the ship, named the Spindrift was made to travel in outer space between destinations. Well the crew went through some kind of warp and ended up on a planet where everyone was about 3 times the size of the crew. The series got cancelled before the crew could make it back to earth. Oh well. Might be on youtube.com The series is actualy on METV on the local cable network. Where exactly are you at Mr. Maru?
  14. gerry1

    Hypersonic Race is On...!

    No way on the hypersonic flight. Has anyone here ever seen that 60's tv show Land of the Giants? Don't want that happening to me. I'll take the 12 hour flight to Australia. Jerry
  15. I've noticed the price increase the last several years. Used to be reasonable about 15 years ago. There have been some instances where I've sold some items on ebay and the winning bidder declined to buy the kit because the shipping charge was more than the kit itself. Had that happen last year with a person in Sweden. Don't know what to say about all that. On the other hand, I actually sold a Tamiya 1/12 model kit to a person in Khazakstan and a Revell 1/32 P-38 to some guy in New Caledonia. Both kits got there, no problem. I actually had to look on a map where those places are. New Caledonia looks like a nice place to visit.