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  1. Hey, Finally my 1st picture, I get some time to send a picture from what I have done so fare. Yes with 2 kids at home, I do not have much time. I asked a few weeks ago some advices to do a nice cockpit so here is a pics (soory for the quality). Please let me know what you think and all constructive tips and criticals. So fare this Academy kit is really fun to build, I love it. Last night I assembled just one of the main landing gear and wouahhh takes me 1h30. May be I am not that good Cheers and to be followed Raphaël
  2. Hello all, Sorry, I was out of business for a few day due to sickness. Great, I love all your inputs and I am looking forward to try which one will fit the best for me. I really appreciate your help, and I have to say, I like this forum much better than some french one Now I have to get my stuff back on the table and some work done. I will try to send some pics when i am getting close with my cockpit to get more tips from you. Thank's again guys Raphaël
  3. Hi and thank's for the advises. Looking at the F/A-18 Desert storm. Well, not much to say I will look at it more in details as I go forward on my Hornet but I am really really fare to be that good. I will post some pics in the work in progress place with my stuff and watch your comments. See you soon Raphaël
  4. I am on the way with a F/A-18. So the colours are not exactly the same as you but the method to use is more less the same. Thank's for you tips. I will try and hopefully it will be a nice one Or I am pushing myself too much and get crazy...
  5. Hello, I have a cockpit on the way but I need help for the paint job on it. I started with the grey then with a brush I want for the instruments and MFD black, not easy stuff and not perfect but OK with it. Now I need to go for the knobs and details, light grey or wiht. What is the best way to end up with a nice finish. May be a small drop of paint on the know but for the instrument I can't find a good way to rise up the details. I hope you understnd my questions and I look forward to read you advises Cheers Raphaël
  6. Cool thank's So I will go straight for the F-16 that is waiting on my table;-) well when I will be done with the F/A-18 on the assembly line Now for the Cat... I will need to think about it. Sounds like both are nice with some more or less good stuff. If you have more advaises feel free
  7. Hey guys, I have in my planning somewhere in the futur to build a F-16 and F-14, big one... Which one could be the most recommanded? Trumpeter and Academy or Tamiya??? Thank you for your advises Cheers Raphaël
  8. Hi guys, Thank you for all your answers. I fund the traders, vendors forum place. I had no time yet to go trough the conditions but I will try to post some of me "in progress" job. Any way, I will find this F-18D model somewhere and until that one, I have a F-18A+ and F-18F waiting. I will keep up with the work done Happy new year and a lot of plastic Raphaël
  9. Hello, I am new on the forum and I am not sure to be in the right place for that but... I am looking to build a F/A-18D and first I need to find one So again, I do not know if it is possible to buy and sell model kits in this formu... If anyone wants to get rid of it I am interested Thank's and looking forward Raphaël
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