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  1. I just received the contact information for a caster that a friend of mine's father in law used to produce finely cast brass products for HO scale railroads like switch signs and such. I'll try to make contact over the weekend or Monday. I'll see what is required for a setup and cost per set. The OV-10 will be the first set we focus on. Thanks Shane
  2. I'm trying to get contact info as we speak for a brass caster that we had some good luck with. If I can source a caster to do some gear work I'll be doing the OV-10 and Tigercat gear first. If those are relatively successful we'll venture onto other subjects as a coop. If you saw the Privateer at Nationals, it had a brass cast nose gear from the caster we used. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get something going soon. I wouldn't hold out for Ernie at G-factor. He's a nice guy and does nice work but is very often incommunicado, not just a recent or current bottleneck. Thanks Shane
  3. I just checked out the menu for Brother Sebastian's! Man o man, I think we are going to eat well that night! Looking forward to meeting the gang! Shane
  4. Hey Brian, Can you add me and my buddy Roger to the reservation for dinner on Friday night Thanks Shane
  5. Glad to see Paul has finally let the cat out of the bag. Buried in the A-10 nose correction thread on his page is the announcement of a forthcoming A-1E conversion with possibly of other versions like the AEW with the radome on the belly. I'm super excited to see a 1/32 Fat Face coming and with the caliber of work we are used to seeing from Fisher Models!
  6. Well Paul, It would appear that we have a lot of happy folks hearing of the news of a 1/32 Fat Face conversion. I'm over the moon about it and glad to see the enthusiastic interest in the kit. Good on you! -Shane
  7. Yes Ernie, Harold's prop is correct for the B/D. I have one for my B build. Nice that quick boost released a prop but it's about as useful as the "A" prop that Kittyhawk put in their kit which is useless. I wonder if they will release a "B" or "C" prop.
  8. Chuck I think the Eduard B-17 engine will work. I have the set of 4 for the B-17 and plan to use one on my T-28 build.
  9. The Aires/Quickboost "A" prop is a bit misleading. It's like a replacement prop for the civilian/warbird A models that use the 3 blade prop. To my knowledge, you don't see those blades on a B or C model T-28. Those are not the blades you made Harold. Your blades are the closet thing you'll find to a true B model 3 Blade prop. The kit comes with the A model 3 blade and the C model short wide 3 blade props. So far Harold has the only B model blades available.
  10. Of all the new releases I'm looking forward to, this is number one on my list! Can't wait to get one. Thanks Shane
  11. Great work Carl! I'm just in the final stages of my ZM A-1J. Very enjoyable build. I'd love to have a 1/32 A-1E/AD-5 to sit next to my two single seat Spads. One can only hope. 😉 -Shane
  12. Hi Breaker, There is a recent thread about the ZM Navy Skyraider review. Should be able to find it back a page or two. Has some great insight. I would say everyone has an opinion based on what is important to them. I've built two ZM kits and i really love them. The Trumpeter kit is maybe more conventional in build but has more mistakes in shape. The Trumpeter kit is wrong in the windscreen/canopy area (way too wide), landing gear and prop are severely anemic, cowling is perfectly round and instead should slope down 8 degrees on the top. If those things don't bother you I'd say you could ge
  13. I was really hoping for the -4 as well. I hope it is still planned for the future. This was posted on the Tamiya Facebook page with photos.
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