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  1. welcome! Pearlmaina, you a drummer? Shawn
  2. and blammo if I'd have read the comments: If you wonder what engine the Fw190 has. Its an Ash 82-T 14cyl. double row radial with the power and size comparable to the original BMW 801 engine.It was build in Karl Marx Stadt/Chemnitz. So even though it`s a russian design, the engine is still a german engine, at least kind of.
  3. Alan, I think that has the P&W not the Ash in it, I may be mistake though so dont take me as 100000% lol
  4. love it, first 'H' I've seen built so far
  5. looking good man I know what you mean about that stand as well, much bigger foot print then I anticipated
  6. I saw a lot of the same info, that said there were 3 man crews more often then not as you had pilot, radio man, rear gunner.
  7. I was thinking that to Dave, paint before assembly?
  8. ouch I have a bunch of friends in or who were on this project. Its a lot closer then you'd think.
  9. Im working on this in the shadows actually.
  10. such tragic and sad news
  11. pics arent loading, look like attachments instead of links
  12. I'd like a IM kit of an early 109, and those markings would be great!
  13. What an amazing show, Red Arrows put on a stunning performance. Sadly I was running on 4 hours sleep and had a bad case of the shakes so my photo's suck pretty bad. I will edit what I have and upload the keeps.
  14. http://spirit-airshow.com/ Quite a lot of cool stuff on the ground and in the air, thought I'd offer up pics if anyone is looking for some detail shots in specific. I will post a gallery after I get them edited, then follow up later when I get the film processed as well. Shawn
  15. wow, cool project and sharp conversion work
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