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  1. here I am in the preparation phase, for colours I mean. Cleaning of all the elements, filling gaps in joints, preparing rigging stations... Among the latter I decided to replace the flat imitations of turnbuckles in those fancy undercarriage rigging bits with Gaspatch parts. The rigging on this bird is not too complex, only 20 turnbuckles all around. I have also made some surgery with the engine covers, thinning them down. They will definitely be left aside the model except for the rectangular cover for carburettor inspection. And now to wash the surfaces and warm up the airbrush!
  2. Thank you, gentlemen. Ray, a PM sent regarding the possible article.
  3. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, the subject is unusual, and just like Jeff and Matt I can hardly believe it was kitted and that it finally proved to be the last call from WNW, possibly one of the reasons for their downfall. And yes, it was quite tricky to build, in this case I deliberately ignored the assembly sequence proposed by WNW deeming it would cause more problems. Instead of building the complete wings cellule and then connect it with the fuselage, I decided to attach the lower wing to the fuselage first and then the upper wings. Worked fine for me even i
  4. A very fine model, not exaggerated weathering, very much realistic.
  5. This is what I managed to build from the huge box almost 2 years ago. Gotha G.I 42/15 Feodora. Not an easy build at all, especially when one faces the unusual for WNW faults in manufacture - misaligned mould halves leading to some severe sanding work - all the bits required a lot of treatment. Especially thin lines/cables/pipes... Anyway, still, when the parts are cleaned what remains is a set of quite finely fitting elements - quite a bonus when one takes into account the unorthodox form of this aircraft. All in all, I am very happy to have this weird bird in my cabinet.
  6. Wow, what a spectacular build. All those fine details are first class. I will be watching with great interest.
  7. Thank you, everyone. Yes, the engine enhancment bits are from Taurus. Great stuff, very highly recommended. Yesterday night I also managed to build the engine into the truss, which had to be detached from the left side fuse half to allow adding some weathering, a couple of fuel connections and the throttle linkage. Then the last glimpse and the fuse was closed. I suppose I will leave the engine covers off so that one can catch a glimpse of these engine details. Now for some minor treatment of seams.
  8. Mercedes D.III almost complete. It is my 7th, I know it by heart and could probably built it with blinded eyes...
  9. I am glad that you find my tutorial useful. Good luck with your next builds.
  10. Thank you very much. And this is the highest praise I have ever heard... I am overly flattered ...
  11. Very nice results. The cockpit you made is a real jewel. Having built the early Ni17 I fully agree with your opinion on these CSM kits. Almost equal to WNW. And "almost" is only due to that trouble making split of the fuselage into enormous number of parts.
  12. Verrry nice. Great details, lovely colourful scheme. The essence of Albatros!
  13. I will follow one of the WNW suggestions. Wings undersides CDL and the remaining surfaces - light cream yellow.
  14. Beautiful. Great to see more and more completed models of that iconic Polish aircraft.
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