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  1. my entire life has been in boxes for the last 9 months, now that we've moved in I am getting my stuff out of storage. I am aware and excited!
  2. thank you, with really limited supplies and no airbrush, I had to re-engage my brush skills they are a LOT of fun to build, I did the Sherman as well.
  3. the dog is still alive...
  4. moved in over the weekend, nice to have space again! Still setting up an unpacking but I have a dedicated build space again!
  5. Thanks Chris, stay safe out there! We're actually moving into our house this weekend, I will have a hobby room to build in again and be reunited with my drums so I can play! I built a couple Gundam Robots as well as a 1/72 BF-110D, simple easy brain fodder builds.
  6. IF the dog were lovable I'd at least give him a pass....but nope
  7. dog is an idiot....I mean just wow.....and I LOVE pets.
  8. OH HELL NO, the dog would be the first to go!
  9. oh I love love love that scheme
  10. LOL the other people are my priority, its just 3 of us and a dog in a small apartment. Luckily we move into our house next week and my GF and i get a dedicated hobby room! I cant wait to pick up my 110G project again!
  11. YAAAA its back looking good buddy, bummer about the paint issues
  12. very nice, I plan to do a drone as well with my 1/24 Airfix 'cat
  13. wow, it appears every vane is different in size, and cross section from that pic, some even show "bulges" while the others are longer sickle shapes
  14. gack! fix it Chuk I miss your work. hope all is well
  15. great content as always, I picked up the 229' book as well and its wonderful, spot on review. That '111 dio is awesome.
  16. wish I'd find an early Esprit in my garage....oh you mean the connie :p
  17. nice work Kent, that lock on book is a great ref for sure
  18. Been living in an apartment without any real model space, plus now that we're under lock down I've got to keep busy. Built these two, working on a 1/72 BF-110D as well.
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