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  1. i think this will be my post divorce celebration purchase
  2. whats the inlet "cover" on the lightning in a few of those pics? Lightning Run and Run2 to be specific looks to be blocked off but the heat plume from the engines say they're running
  3. he's lucky that didn't end up a LOT worse
  4. killer work! flying while sitting in a recliner, nice gig to have lol
  5. all black, although the prototype I have seen in NMF (last pic in Maru's link)
  6. congrats on a beautiful build
  7. looks super trick with those missiles! I am however disappointed in your umbrellas lack of fringe
  8. very nice, i really enjoyed building mine
  9. very nice, this is on my to do list someday
  10. let us know how it turns out, I was going to do my dust cover this summer
  11. great work on the gear! the oleo compression is correct from what I can recall of my previous research
  12. wow, I always wondered to what degree these were effective, I had no idea you could loop and roll with just trim!
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