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  1. Received my Model Monkey Beaufighter TFX Cockpit and Tail planes, wow they are stunning!
  2. I was a manual drafter for quite some time before the transition to CAD, still prefer to do it manually for my own projects.
  3. not yet my friend, its down the road still
  4. My exact thoughts Pascal, as I have one in the stash
  5. shes definitely putting up a fight, flash, mould mis-alignment, etc is eating time by the boat load since we're all on shelter in place, all I have is time
  6. beauty as always, loved seeing one of these at Road Atlanta, the sound alone is awesome
  7. Im still hoping for some more aftermarket marking options before I buy.
  8. I would buy a set for sure in 1/32
  9. Max, great project my friend and as always you're doing a GREAT job at it.
  10. The ol' "box scale" Monogram USS Pine Island. I have a soft spot for USN Floatplanes and their activity in WW2, so by proxy the support ships intrigue me to. I picked this kit up a few years ago, spent 2 summers ago cleaning flash and mould defects and finally started applying some glue and filler in the past week. This kit is a disaster of engineering I must say, BUT it provides a good outlet to sharpen my dormant skills before getting back to an LSP project. It will be OOB (and this pains me greatly) but should be a fun painting challenge. Pics to come, but I wanted to get a topic started.
  11. are these decals available in 1/32? Would love to do this scheme.
  12. awesome, clean work on the conversion Tom!
  13. always loved this scheme and the 2 seater mod, well done!
  14. well done, you sure tamed that beast and the display is awesome
  15. lets not talk about AM and decals we've hoarded I mean,.......collected
  16. 97, and YES im gonna build them all! mwahahahahahaha
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