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  1. I just scanit via my printer scanner then do a trace however you get a lot of noise and poor separation between the colors
  2. will try inkscape btw does anybody have a design for the revell mustang for the 357 front checker pattern? I did a trace in silhouette but I do not want to test it on the model the trace was meh.
  3. thanks all I had to finish it I love the airplane
  4. autocad has a hefty price tag 1600 a year yikes but I found a few substitute programs which are free since we are tracing it would probably work well. I have the basic design silhouette software and their tracing leaves a lot to be desired. https://all3dp.com/2/best-autocad-alternatives/
  5. cricut is another cutter device I have the cameo 4 we should also mention https://www.scalemodelpaintmasks.com/ by our own kevin futter it is a great resource with some files others have uploaded for free use
  6. The brand i have is a bit less supple otoh it is easier for straight edges
  7. No it was a true detail resin piece think
  8. https://www.model-monkey.com/product-page/1-24-spitfire-seafire-and-hurricane-merlin-engine-exhausts-orange-slice-type
  9. I first started this in 2015-2016. I am now retired but work then was very draining and stressful( general surgeon working as a surgicalist in a hospital) So the ac got put away. It did not help that the fluorescent light in my diy spray booth fell off and knocked one of the engine nacelles off ocuh. I retired in 2017 but lost the drive to build along with many other life events(grandpa) I still participated here and meant to get back to it eventually. I took up the mantel and got back on the horse and finished it up. Thanks to Thunnus for inspiration David Brown for info on
  10. it is a zm. It is shame there are not more support vehicles in 1/32 I have some 21 century vehicles from a few years ago they are now rare and expensive. I have a tamiya jeep but 1/35 does seem small unless in perspective. I built this to pair with my now finished yellow three me 262 but It will work with any of my german ac. It was an easy build not pitfalls at all. I did some dramatic license with the painted on squadron emblem totenkopf, I am not sure the luftwaffe was a bit tight about that or not I am guessing it depends on the commander and the time of the war also.
  11. I think we both were reading the same post i got the hgw e7 today as well. Other then a set of wheels it does not need much more.
  12. with careful painting the cockpit is really good the wheel bays are nice much more detail but from what I have gathered they are a real pita to fit ditto the cockpit the wheels are fine as is the burner see above. I did a back date to a block 40 so I added the scab plates and had to find a different hud. I love aftermarket but sometimes it just complicates a fine model and takes away from the enjoyment of building and painting it often time it is not worth the effort just my 2 cents
  13. you know other then a few pieces to dress up the aces seat it does not really need anything
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