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  1. dashotgun

    Resin Merlin or Packard Merlin Engine??

    why not use the kit piece and use the pe t o spruce it up https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/p-51d-engine-1-32.html
  2. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/1419149/1944-north-american-p-51-mustang includes 20+ engines and multiple spares
  3. dashotgun

    Custom Wiring

    hmm I have some of these from the car guys https://www.hiroboy.com/IgnitionPlug_WirePiping_Cord_x_4_Colours_04mm--product--2852.html
  4. dashotgun

    Late to the party rlm 66 model master gone

    I checked on their website it is indeed not listed. I am not a fan of acrylics either
  5. dashotgun

    Late to the party rlm 66 model master gone

    Yes I saw some on ebay the shipping will kill you though! I am goinh to chevk the pne hobby store in my town
  6. I build intermittently and had not had to restock any of my rlm colors due to building some modern airplanes recently. Just started an messersmith 262 and was at the dregs on my rlm 66. it's hard enough finding a local hobby store but I was visiting my granddaughter in DC and visited hobby works in Laurel Maryland. they had model Master on the shelf but no rlm 66 to my surprise when I asked the clerk she said oh that's been discontinued. What a pita. I was able to get mr color rlm 66 But since it is a lacquer if i want to lighten it now need a lighter gray color lacquer. I think sooner or layer will be forced into acrylics
  7. dashotgun

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    thunnus what happend to this great build thread?
  8. dashotgun

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    beautiful work I am going to follow along
  9. dashotgun

    Lots of birthdays today.

  10. dashotgun

    Second mirage pilot, stepping out, by Reedoak

    that is amazing wish i had the skills to paint it
  11. dashotgun

    Impression of Trumpeters Mig 29A

    I think it looks very good as well. While the zactoman stuff is expensive I really had to have the exhausts. Quickboost makes a nice K36 seat. The master model static discharger are great and the ones provided are going to snap off in a heartbeat anyway. I have the begemot decal set it is very extensive something like 14 different aircraft. Once I decide on one or two to do will sell the remainder.
  12. no they have IRS now and handle well. We rented a turbo four when the wife and I were in Marco island. it was a very nice car. I love my V8 but the turbo four was fast enough for a cruiser and got good mileage. The camaros are the darling of the car magazines,some models are faster and handle better then my vette. But I think for overall package looks price the mustang has it all. by the way nice caterham. The Supra was such a cult car after fast and furious. It is true they were very tuneable. With just basic modifictions under a few thousand I was able to pick up 125hp( bigger exhaust lose the cats. A device to up the boost to 18psi( past that you needed to augment the fuel map or boom). The car had bad lag though 1st gear no boost 2nd some but by third I could lose traction spin the wheels.