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  1. Hi, Thank you! Quite a few tests for the parts to be assembled on the bodywork elements today. The inside of the nose is painted mat black and the decals installed. The reinforcement plates of the anchorages of the tie rods are painted in Polished Alu Metal Cote with a paintbrush and slightly polished. The tank caps are modified and fitted with machined banjo connectors. It remains to tweak them a little with oils. Finally, as mentioned yesterday, I varnished the small presentation plate. It will be used to brighten up the table during exhibitions! It remai
  2. Good evening, Thanks a lot Mates! The dashboard is finished, wired and the windows installed on the meters. I did not really manage to take a photo that shows it correctly ... Sorry. Last masking step before varnish A shot of white Disassembly of the parts and installation on their support for the varnish step and presentation in the box so as not to be bothered during this step. Gravity (EU) sprayed, fresh (Flat Pattern 0.3 Meng) It dries quietly It's dry!! I couldn’t really resist a littl
  3. Good evening, Thank you very much Mates. Good, the assembly continues quietly. You have to believe that I didn't have enough to rivet ... The front partition receives its own in diameter 0.5. Then also received a good part of its attributes. The steering rack will be installed later .. just like the radiator. It is modified, as well as the pipes connecting to it, in order to weld the fluid inlets / outlets on the body of the radiator. I brought a little detail with the lateral perforated reinforcements and the manufacturer's plate. The
  4. Good evening, Well, well here it is, I finally chosen the superb AAR Eagle Weslake! It changes from red, but orange and green were not that far away .. the red (s) either either! The kit is not more complicated than that, but the installation of the rivets promises to be... sporty and time-consuming. I started by cleaning the parts of the bathtub / chassis, the interior of which is almost invisible once the tub is in place. Only a small part on each side is polished. The assembly is, as often, carried out by welding. The main parts of the V12 are also a
  5. Good evening, The Ferrari 312F1 67 drawing to the end, I thought it would not be silly to take advantage of the momentum to launch a new project / challenge ... In the mood for Rosso Corsa, I decided to reopen the box containing an assembly started a long time ago and finished at 95% (there were only all the rivets / Dzus, the decals and some small details ..), the result did not satisfy me. So I decided to deconstruct as much as possible and ... to rebuild to finish the model. I offer you some pictures of the whole recovery. Big job of modifying the resin parts of the bodyw
  6. Hi, I can now call this one done. Thanks a lot for your support and all the kind comments along the WIP Pascal
  7. Good evening Mates, A sincere big thank you to everyone for your patience, your interest in this WIP and your comments. I'm glad you liked this build. That's it, the last touch-ups are done, the last parts installed and the last minute adjustments made. So I redid the wedges that support the Belle with a slightly increased "ground clearance". They are turned in a 10mm aluminum log for more solidity and stability, the Baby is doing well: 1.4kg ... and decorated with Cavallino. I connected the last tube and made a little oil to inject it inside.
  8. Hi, Well done Mark. Pascal
  9. Hi, Thank you very much Mates! First of all, the right picture a the previous post Well, the last 2 days have been productive! The front is finished, the back is finished, the middle ... also ... Some touch-ups and Dzus to install, a clean up and PAF!: It smells of stable! Here are some pictures for which I apologize in advance for the cleanliness of the model. But it is heavy and the last assemblies require full hand handling.
  10. Hi, Thank you I made and temporary installed the soft fuel cell. We call it Bladder for aircrafts... It was not modeled by MFH and, even if the polished metal part is nice, the front end was too empty for my taste. The fuel cell fills the both sides and the front body above the pilot legs. I made it from self amalgamating tape which depicts pretty well the rubber bladder. Then, rivets.. I finally installed about 300 and need around 300 more. So I primed, painted and varnished those ...300 rivets. Wheels done and Balancing
  11. Hi, Thank you very much. The rivets are just installed in the holes, then glued and cut when necessary. Decisive assembly if any, the engine is assembled with the chassis. Assy is done with Loctite 401 and reinforced, as usual, with screws, washers and bolts. The inside of the bathtub is done, the seat is finally installed as the side water pipe and the gear selector. The fuel valve is installed. More soon. Pascal
  12. Well done Mark! Great result with those wire wheels. Pascal
  13. Hi Thanks a lot Mates. I'm glad you're still enjoying the WIP. I decided to make the fuel cells connection faucet. It's made of white metal and a spare / modified distributor. Working on the dashboard. installed the lower body part is now done and weathered All the body parts are now fully dry. White dust is coming from the varnish dust while reopening the rivet holes. The CAVALLINO is installed on the nose and the original decal is replaced by an "enamelled" badge from an old MFH reference.
  14. Hi, Thanks Trak-Tor I finally managed to finish the ignition coils system, after a last modification. Small brass bridges of 0.5 were installed on each side of the water / oil tank to hold the "bungee cord" in place after having stretched it. There was a problem with the length of the radiator supports, I redid them in brass of 0.8 which I brazed with silver solder. It was also time to paint the radiator(s): No more beautiful polished metal appearance and place for brass. .
  15. Hi, Stunning! Beautiful work and .... What a beastly Beauty!! Pascal
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