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TTModelworks 1/32 AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider


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Hi guys,

I'm Thai, from Houston, Texas.


I'm starting a new scale model business, TTModelworks, and I'd like to introduce you guys to my first product: The fat faced 1/32 Douglas AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider. I'm opening my website to take pre-order till the end of the month for the special price of $150 free shipping within the U.S. and an additional $25 shipping elsewhere in the world. Release date is expected to be around May-June. I'm still finishing the design of the website but it's working now on ttmodelworks.com




Following Ben Schumacher's of Scale Navy Stuff advice after initial print, I'm reworking the recessed panel lines and the first part with the new, deeper, and narrower panel line has just finished printing. Expect to gradually release pictures of more parts the coming days. I learnt 3D modeling specifically for printing not for rendering so my rendering skill aren't that good, so I decide to show printed parts instead. The kit will be 3D printed by me, decal will be printed by third party, depends on the order volume but I'm willing to cut profit to try to aim for the high-quality guys like MicroScale or Cartograf since I'll also build it myself, and clear parts will be injection molded if the order number meet my source's minimum requirement, if not I'll go for casted resin, but I'd rather have them injection molded for better consistency and longer life.





Due to being a small business with small budget, I'd sadly have to start with pre-order basis so I can make sure I order enough supply, hopefully if things goes well I can have future releases ready to ship before opening orders. Any question please contact me here, or through my email at ttmodelworks@gmail.com



This horizonal elevator is the first printed part after panel line rework. The scratches on it are by my grubby hands, other than that it's spotless. The elevator has the old wider panel lines.







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7 hours ago, dutik said:



This should sell well :goodjob:


Is this a full kit or a conversion for one of the kits by Trumpeter and Z-M?



- dutik

Hi Dutik. It'll be a full kit. I see no point in spending more than $100 to get the plastic Trumpeter or ZM kit to just throw away pretty much the majority of the kit and spend even more on a conversion (the whole fuselage, interior, canopies, lanfing gear shroud, the main landing gear themselves, lower portion of the inboard wing because the landing gear bays are different and various details like capatult hooks are too)

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Hi guys, little (or big) update.

With the help of Dan O'Hara and his reference pics I'm able to correct the fuselage section between fuselage station 90.5 and the engine mount.

It's too much work adjusting things around so I'm redoing the whole section since I'm redoing the panel lines anyway. Will add the surface detail tonight and hopefully have it print by tmr



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Nice progress :goodjob:


What is your idea for the clear parts? Vacu or 3D printed (if this is possible nowadays, don't know about this)?

If vacu is your choice - will you add two canopies?



- dutik

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Hi Thai :hi:

As I understood it, you have finished the complete kit and are still working on refining the panel lines and other surface details.

Do you already have the photos of the complete kit or do we have to wait until your website is online?

As you would have guessed, your A1E project is attracting mucho interest over here in LSP and we’re most anxious to see the next step.



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Hi guys. Sorry for going AWOL the past couple days. It's Lunar new year so I was little busy preparing and celebrating, plus my girlfriend wanted to go to California to celebrate with our friend so here I am.


Took the chance to visit March Field Air Museum in Riverside to do some measurements on parts that I don't have good info/drawing of and also to check some details on the underside, especially the recessed area between the oil cooler and wing leading edge. Originally I interpreted the drawing of fuselage station 90.500 that the fuselage has something recessed around that area, but I couldn't find any good reference pic of it, took a while to find one in flight with its belly exposed but it wasn't clear the front of the recessed area has any vent/opening or not, given that the same area is the oil cooler vent on single-seat variants. So I was able to confirm that it was just a recessed area and doesn't have any vent or anything, just an access hatch. Also got some good reference pics for areas that don't show up that well on pictures and drawing. So back to the drawing board once I am back in Houston this weekend





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