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  1. Have mine on preorder at HLJ. Maybe not too far off now.
  2. I would totally build a 1/32 Su-57... and a 1/32 Su-34 dammit!
  3. I'll send you a message! We need to talk
  4. Appreciate the feedback! That fairing under the canopy should be no issue at all... Are you volunteering to do some Romanian stencils??
  5. Always exciting to see what you're up to
  6. Stumbled onto this the other day... Has anyone used it? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icaerodesign-01-mig-21-lancer-c-conversion-set--1129431 Looks like nicely cast parts, I see a couple items potentially missing for a Lancer, but not hard to scratch. -A
  7. Thanks Pete! I'm tempted... Will reach out to Harold and see if any are up for sale.
  8. Hmmm guess I was crazy then. It seemed so real in my brain.
  9. I might be going crazy... Was someone on this board working on a full complement of detail sets (pilot, cockpit, seat, pylons, etc) for the 1/18 Harrier kit? Thanks in advance all, -Anthony
  10. I almost had a heart attack seeing this topic come up... Be still my beating heart.
  11. On a different note... does anyone know where to order Arma reliably in the US? -Anthony
  12. Has anyone actually seen kit parts? Wondering if I want to drop a pre-order or wait...
  13. For some reason his photos aren't showing up for me... I'd really love to follow this!
  14. That looks fantastic. Cannot wait to see it all finished up... Others might have asked, but I've been seeing comments about a front-rear fuselage mismatch. Did you have such issues? -Anthony
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