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  1. AnthonyWan

    Tan Models ?

    Haha this thread has been entertaining to read.
  2. AnthonyWan

    Open the chute, here come the Broncos...

    How much is shipping on a couple of these sets going to be? Asking for a friend... where are you guys located?
  3. If you need reference... I can put you in touch with a friend who has a cache of reference materials. I'm sure he'd love to help you out on this. -Anthony
  4. Hey Rich... any chance this is still on the table? Money standing by... -Anthony
  5. AnthonyWan

    MiG-29A "Eagle Talon 97" Trumpeter 1:32

    Look very nice! Always been curious - would I be completely wrong to build my MiG with those intake screens/ramps down if parked? I'd rather not mess with intake covers if I could... but that point has puzzled me. -Anthony
  6. AnthonyWan

    WTF - HB 1/18 scale Harrier!!!!!

    I really hope they've done some tweaking and upgrading of the Merit kit, which I recall was like a giant toy. Still... looking forward to this. Another Chinese company announced a 1/18 F-4 too. So that's interesting... -Anthony
  7. AnthonyWan

    1/32 Sea Vixen

    Trumpeter is releasing a Sea Vixen early next year in 1/48. I don't think it's a huge stretch to say that could make it up to 1/32 at some point. If the past is anything to show... they released the 1/72 Mig-29 family of new tools, then scaled those up to 1/32. -Anthony
  8. Just a heads up y'all, looks like Hobbyboss might be reboxing the Merit 1/18 Harrier. Hopefully including some nice PE and goodies in the box and some nice decals. Should be out in Jan 2018/early Feb 2018 I guess. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=103&l=en -Anthony
  9. AnthonyWan

    Academy SUFA reissue

    Any chance you have a source on this? Can't find anything online.
  10. AnthonyWan


    Go on......
  11. AnthonyWan


    It's time Paul! Yes? No? Maybe?
  12. AnthonyWan

    Academy SUFA reissue

    Great news. Those are starting to go for silly money on eBay. You used to be able to get them for 80 or so USD shipped from Korea...
  13. AnthonyWan

    F-35 @ Tamiya Booth

    Going to leave this here for you guys and go to bed. https://www.facebook.com/plamodel1/photos/rpp.695200993853771/1868666576507201/?type=3&theater
  14. AnthonyWan

    Trumpeter's F-105G - What do I need to know?

    Whoa guys, first of all I did not post my original questions and statements with ill-intent towards any particular company. My simple goal s to build my F-105 kit - and do so utilizing the best and most efficient combination of kit parts and aftermarket. It's not an aircraft I am familiar with, but one that I've always liked the look of and wanted to add to my collection. That being said and having skimmed through most of this thread... Gary - as a business owner, I would hope that you could stand in my position as a customer and realize my concerns. I want to make purchases from an informed position - I have Googled, read Facebook groups, and chatted with buddies offline who have used your products. And I'll be honest, the feedback was mixed. Some people had great experiences, while others received products that were not as great. This was not meant as slander or otherwise, people talk about how Eduard missiles are always warped, how Aires resin never fits, how Wolfpack Designs parts suffer from crazy shrinkage, and how Black Box parts sometimes don't improve at all upon kit parts. In my recent experiences, I've not had Wolfpack shrinkage issues or lack of Black Box detail. Before I bought those parts, I asked around and consulted others who had used them. I received mixed feedback as well - and I bought them regardless. I made my purchases from a position of being informed on what I was getting into. I posted this thread with the intention of gaining some clarity and some more information - I haven't seen many photos of your F-105 parts online or in-progress builds with them being used. I was hoping that as an active member on the forum, it'd be easy for you (and others) to respond with some photos of the parts and some comments to encourage my purchase. I was originally considering only a couple of individual sets, but a couple of good comments might have pushed me over to go for the full-meal deal. Again, I am sorry if I've upset you, but I thought it was important to clarify my position. -Anthony
  15. Hey all - I just grabbed one of these kits - been after one for a while but a buddy had one at a price that I just couldn't pass up. I've got a couple schemes in mind, but more on that later. I've done some searching on the main site and the forum, and came across some articles online. Generally seen a few things - the gear has to be replaced, and that's being sorted accordingly. There's some shape issues with the radome and the fin and general consensus is the cockpit sucks. Does anyone have first hand experience fitting an Aires pit into this kit? Or a Black Box pit? Can I get away with just seats? Also - how do the resin wheel bays fit? I know Cutting Edge did replacements for the fin and radome, but those can be hard to find. I hesitate to buy GT resins parts because I've heard mixed reviews. Markings will probably come from Zotz with with some self printing because it doesn't appear anyone has ever done a sheet for the airframe I have in mind. Any help or tips are appreciated! Thanks, Anthony