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  1. That's the answer I was after... Those big gear doors are closed anyway. I just painted the area black, and it'll just be a big shadow.
  2. Hey all, Have a question for all those who've used the Rhino Resin intakes on the 1/32 Tamiya kits. Did you guys have any issue fitting the main white piece over the gear bays? I'm having an issue getting them to seat properly - it seems like the gear mount bays are interfering slightly, but I can't see them causing that big a mismatch. I shaved the screw post down too, but that was not the issue. Interested to hear your thoughts and ideas... Thanks! -Anthony
  3. If you need the Aires sets... let me know! I have a couple of them and I can dig out to see which one they are!
  4. I would buy a PB4Y conversion. Keep us posted... Would be willing to contribute a kit if it'll help get that on track.
  5. Alright... without having to go through 22 pages. Is this kit good or bad? Also, how crazy would I be in wishing for a PB4Y-2 conversion?
  6. I was on the fence about getting this kit... but with Harold on the job of resin accessories, I'd buy the kit just to use them!
  7. All good guys. Was able to find a contact. Thanks, Anthony
  8. Good evening all, Does anyone have a contact number or a current address for Dave? Please PM or shoot me an email if you do! anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thank you, Anthony
  9. I'd be in for a set of both Dave. Keep us posted! Adding another vote for some detail sets - cockpit, seat, wheels, weapons?... @Harold?
  10. If Harald puts out some sets I might have to get one of these!
  11. Haha this thread has been entertaining to read.
  12. If you need reference... I can put you in touch with a friend who has a cache of reference materials. I'm sure he'd love to help you out on this. -Anthony
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