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  1. LOL shows how much I know...
  2. Hmmm... so let's lay this out based on what we know. Name of company in Russian apparently means "poo" Someone above mentioned the company name is "Gavno Modeli" which sounds... Italian? Gavno is also the name of a Danish island. And before this Cybermodeler post... Company has zero digital presence on regular social media, no forum posts,, nothing. No previews, test shots, renderings, rumors or anything really... January 2020 release date so physical parts or molds must exist already... and yet no one has heard or seen a thing! I'm gonna go with... vaporware Now, I'm going to sit back and pray that someone proves me very very wrong... *praying*... *praying a little harder*...
  3. Good idea... I'm going to give that a try...
  4. I'm curious as to the attachment of the nose gear - normally they have you screw it into the nose gear before the fuselage halves go together. Are you just planning to glue it in and hope it stays?
  5. Looks great! Did you finish the A-6?
  6. Have you used these before? I'm curious how your experience was. Looking at the photos - it looks like the hub is separate to make installation more like the kit parts.
  7. I have the Northstar set. The hubs, tires are molded as one - I was looking for a solution to attaching them to the kit's metal gear since the kit parts require a screw.
  8. Title says it all. Anyone done resin wheels in replacement of the kit's rubber? Reason for asking...seems like most wheels include wheel and hub cast together, kit's setup has you screwing hub and then fitting tire. Curious what creative solutions y'all have seen or done. Thanks!
  9. Holy thread revival....
  10. Oh this is gonna be good! Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. That's the answer I was after... Those big gear doors are closed anyway. I just painted the area black, and it'll just be a big shadow.
  12. Hey all, Have a question for all those who've used the Rhino Resin intakes on the 1/32 Tamiya kits. Did you guys have any issue fitting the main white piece over the gear bays? I'm having an issue getting them to seat properly - it seems like the gear mount bays are interfering slightly, but I can't see them causing that big a mismatch. I shaved the screw post down too, but that was not the issue. Interested to hear your thoughts and ideas... Thanks! -Anthony
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