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Border 1/35 Fw 190A-6 Nowotny Double Chevron


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Playing around with cowling guns... I've drilled the cooling holes and added a wire.



The seat is finished with the 1/48 scale harnesses.  The cockpit tub has been given a base coat of RLM 66 Dark Grey and chipped a little with hairspray but still needs more paint work.


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I'm always flabberghasted, how you can make these little subassemblies look like 3D-renderings. Precise and pristine work, perfect photography, never, ever any dust particles in sight. Incredible!


(My worst fears have, of course, come true: THIS, your engine, is flawless! Thanks for sharing!)




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14 hours ago, JayW said:

I can't believe that little engine.  Such wonderful Tamiya-like detail!  

I know this might sound a little blasphemous but... maybe a little bit BETTER than Tamiya in certain regards.  There are lots of amazingly subtle details on this kit that have really surprised me.  All of the small engine parts having KEYED tabs so that they are always oriented correctly.  The subtly raised gun covers on the wing bottoms.  The detailed throttle lever... which I regretfully pinged off into the twilight zone! :BANGHEAD2:



10 hours ago, Wayne Bull said:

Well i learned a new way to paint the colored edges of instrament dails today so thanks for that tip John .:goodjob:

Yeah... it's much simpler to mask a circle than a thin donut right?



9 hours ago, BlackCanopy said:

I'm always flabberghasted, how you can make these little subassemblies look like 3D-renderings. Precise and pristine work, perfect photography, never, ever any dust particles in sight. Incredible!


(My worst fears have, of course, come true: THIS, your engine, is flawless! Thanks for sharing!)




Thank you! Since I don't keep these models, presentation through photography is the keepsake for my builds.  I try to keep my work surface clean. Through the brutality of looking at close-up photography of my work, I have tried to get better at seam removal, especially after cutting parts off the sprue.  I did a LOT Of clean-up on the gun parts including drilling out individual cooling holes, and to top it off, I shot it with a coat of primer.  Just to get that... clean rendering effect.

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On 8/28/2023 at 5:29 PM, Cycling Guy said:

Your methodical approach is something to behold. I just bought another Corsair to build mainly out the box to try this approach.


On 8/28/2023 at 8:11 PM, scvrobeson said:

Everything always looks so good in those builds.  You always serve as a template on what to focus and improve on with my own builds






Thank you Sean and Matt!  I am learning from your builds as well.  It's good to have other modelers that encourage and inspire us to do better work.  


I've finished the detail painting of the cockpit tub.  Nothing added... just painted what's there.  The molded detail is really sharp-edged so it makes painting so much easier. Maybe too big and bold on certain details such as the raised rivets.  After the hairspray chipping and a dark panel wash, I applied a little bit of dry pastel to the foot areas to dirty it up a bit.  Not going to spend too much time on the weathering since the cockpit gets pretty much swallowed by the pinch of the fuselage sides.




The seat and foot pedals are glued into place.  The one missing thing is the throttle lever, which I regrettably lost to the carpet monster.  It was nicely detailed and I wanted to show it but it's gone and I'll have to scratch a replacement.





The intrument panel is temporarily placed onto the cockpit tub to check fit.




Double checking to see if the modified instrument panel mount puts the upper IP in the correct position.




Almost getting to the point where I can glue the fuselage halves together.


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On 8/29/2023 at 10:00 PM, Jaro said:

Coming along really nicely. :thumbsup:


I wonder how this will compare to the one to be realeased by Zoukei-Mura.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how the Z-M Anton compares with this one.  Based on mold quality alone, I think Border has raised the bar.



2 hours ago, MDriskill said:

Absolutely fascinating kit, and fabulous build! Really enjoying the updates.

A very interesting and enjoyable kit to work on.  Fit, for the most part, has been superb.  And I get some relief from the Aftermarket Bug because there is not much available for this kit.  It makes life simpler.


I scratched up a replacement for the lost throttle.



I am using the Quickboost 1/32 scale version of the Revi 16B gun sight with clear acetate sheet cut for the reflector glass.  This, too, was lost to the carpet monster and I am forced to paint up another one. 



I hollowed out the ends of the ammo chutes.



Here are the inner wing guns.  These are perfectly fine, with the barrel ends hollowed out nicely. But... they have to be glued into place during wing construction.  I prefer to add these at the end of the build.



So I fashioned some replacements using three different sizes of brass tubing (1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm).



So now I can slide the gun barrels into place from the outside.  This will make painting them much easier and also reduce the potential for breaking the barrels off during construction.


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Danke Shoggz!  Appreciate it!


I'm ready to glue the fuselage halves together.  The cockpit area has been painted in RLM 66 Dark Grey and the tail wheel area in RLM 02 Green Grey.



Because the engine and cowlings are separated from the rest of the fuselage, the main glue edges are on the rear fuselage.  A clamp is used to make sure that the gun bulkhead butts up against the instrument panel coaming.



The cowling gun deck has been painted but not yet glued into place.



The MG17 cowling guns have been painted.  I've lost the added wires so I'll have to add them after the guns are secured into position.





The Quickboost Revi 16B gunsight Version 2. I was able to dome the glass on top of the optical element so I like this one better.




Due to the less than perfect fit, I am going to glue down the inner wing gun covers. It looks ok here but when the fuselage in place, it's difficult to seat all of the edges.



I'm sanding down the outer edges of the gun bulge to get them to sit better.



One of the negatives of this Border is the thickness of the airfoil sections.  The vertical tail plane is too thick in my eyes.  Shaving down the antenna mast might help. 


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Your painting is FABULOUS, and really pops things to life! I'd love to know more about the finish on guns, exhausts, and other engine bits - wow.


Very interesting shot of the kit's tail just above. The Fw 190's fin leading edge actually is surprisingly beefy at the base, though it quickly tapers toward the top (Eduard's 1/72, and older 1st-gen 1/48, kits infamously missed the taper). Here are mediocre shots of a late Fw 190A fin (shot through display case glass) at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Note the aerial attachment post is actually wood.







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