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PCM Hurricane (late) 56 Squadron….finished!


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Cheers Mike. Actually, these two pictures you posted in Tolga’s thread:





were so helpful because I was struggling to understand the exact shape and scope of the “dog kennel”, I thought Brian Fawcett had got his conversion wrong:




but of course he hadn’t! (Thank goodness).

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Managed a couple of hours at the bench this afternoon, my aim was to tackle these three areas:




PCM show the outlines of the foot and hand holds but F/O Brooker is climbing aboard so the hand hold often seems to remain open for a while, and with luck the figure will have one foot in the other hole, like this:




The plastic is very thick, so needed thinning from the inside:




and these caverns will be skimmed over shortly with thin card and painted.  The moulded (Fawcett) drain pipes were cleaned up then drilled out, two pieces of nickel silver tube being inserted, nominally 1mm x 0.25mm interior diameter but I sanded the outside and opened out the inside to make the pipe walls a bit thinner:






That's today's "mega" session, more tomorrow I hope! 

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Trying to do a bit of a mock up of Brooker getting onboard, the Blackdog figure is going to need some surgery on his right leg I’m afraid because it’s too high for the footstep. Nuisance! 



But this angle works:



Just a question of making sure I can get his arms in the right place too. 

There’s no elegance when you’re on a “Scramble”!






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Mike, I had a flash of insight in the night (crazy but true!). The handhold opens automatically when the retractable foot stirrup is pulled down.  Presumably it was one of the groundcrew’s jobs to make sure the stirrup was pushed up after he got off the wing, thereby closing the handhold flap. And the “bungee” is named “elastic cord” on the drawing.

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The PCM kits have the rudder and elevators moulded as one with the fin and horizontal tailplanes, but I like to have my models with a bit of "offset" to them, as in James Brown's beautiful Hurricane here:




so to make life difficult for myself, as I usually do, I separated them all.  This then meant gluing a strip of plastic along the hinging edges to give a better shape and to allow for the hinges.  Below is an OOB PCM Hurricane and my modded one:




I used reference pictures from the Finnish one:






which led me to notice that there is no provision within the PCM kit for the rudder control horns, nor those on the rudder trim tabs so these will have to be added.


I've also been working on the cockpit, now finished I think so the fuselage is ready to be joined on Tuesday, more later.

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