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PCM Hurricane (late) 56 Squadron….finished!


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8 minutes ago, mozart said:

It’s the first PCM kit that I’ve attempted Andy but as soon as I started it I was reminded of the old 1/48 Classic Airframes kits I used to make, and I loved those! 

Ooo yes, those Classic Airframe kits where nice. Made several when I was  building 48th scale.


Regards. Andy 

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I’ve been thinking about the dog kennel, its correct shape is key to my build because the canopy needs to be open since the pilot is climbing into it. That said, I have little alternative other than to carve up the kit (and I told myself repeatedly this build WAS going to be OOB! :wacko:) and use the Fawcett corrected part. So that should be fun, I just hope it fits ok because Brian Fawcett designed his correction set for the old Revell Hurricane. More later! :P

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Thanks for that info Dennis, I think I still prefer a razor saw in my hands to a sanding stick! 

Actually looking at Brian Fawcett’s site again I’m not sure the set was designed for the Revell kit, I think it was the PCM so I should be ok……



And do I do the nose as well…….



and the wing leading edge……



Oh hell……:frantic:


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The cockpit internals are progressing:




Very impressed with the IP as provided in the kit, as good in my opinion as many aftermarket offerings.


So, the dog kennel!




This shot shows clearly the difference in profile and why sanding is necessary if you want your canopy open.


First chunk cut off:




....then the trickier part of cutting out a narrow slot for the rails aft of the cockpit.  I wasn't sure how much of the Fawcett casting I needed to cut away, but the answer was "Quite a lot", some very delicate knife work needed but after not too long:




This is the full package, which I know I'll force myself to do:




Off to do the port side.

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Looking good Max, the Fawcett set makes a real difference especially the nose section. Be careful when glueing the fuselage halves together once you've added the resin parts through. Start at the tail and work your way forward closing the resin nose last of all. I didn't use the lower wing section, decided it was a step to far and didn't want to add more fit issues either. 


Regards. Andy 

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Very nice progress Max!  The PCM cockpit is pretty solid and looks good as is.  I did a bit of scratchbuilding on the one I built for the BoB GB a couple of years ago, though it was really not a lot.  I considered buying the Brian Fawcett set when I built the BoB Hurricane.  Looking at how nice it is I wish I had done so now.  It will let you bring your build to the next level for sure.



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4 minutes ago, dennismcc said:

Looking good and having gone that far the prop and spinner are a must.





But I don’t know if he’s still in business Dennis. I can’t find a way of ordering on his website which is why I sent him an email this morning. Fingers crossed! 

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