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Alouette 3 scale 1/7


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Hi everyone
while surfing the web I discovered this forum through the fascinating work of pete fleischmann on the Pavehawk. 
I have been working for a few years on an alouette 3 model and the support that I use is actually different
from the models that can be seen on this forum, because the size is larger because it is ultimately a model intended
to radio controlled flight, but my work on this model is similar to the world of the "fixed" plastic model,
which means at the start it is a commercial kit that I have modified enormously and therefore the greater part
of all the scratch construction. this helicopter model is particularly interesting to make because
it is over 50 years old and has many visible mechanical solutions including this famous Astazou14 fully visible
turboshaft engine on which I spent many, many hours of work .
For the moment the model is finished concerning the construction and for 3 years now I have been working on
the painting of the different elements, I started with the interior of the cabin as well as the rescue winch,
the work is very long because all these parts are made up of a large number of parts that must be
painted one by one, mainly airbrush work.
I would like to post photos of my work as I think it may be of interest to members of this forum.
for the moment just this text (translated by gogle) because I can't find how to post photos.
Greetings to all.
Peter (from France)
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hello all and thank you for your feedback.. I don't currently have a hosting site but here are some photos posted on a French forum
dedicated to radio controlled helicopters. these photos are from 2020 and show the finished assembly work.
the construction was done phase by phase each part being put aside once finished and in 2020
I made this assembly. Since then I disassemble everything part after part for the paint job dimensions of the machine rotor diameter 140 cm. cell length 140 cm.


























































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Hello again Peter  I am glad you managed to share some images of your helicopter. 

It is easy to see just how much work has gone into it and how realistic such a large model can become with good and thorough reference material.

May I ask, how is this model powered for flight, batteries?

After all of this meticulous work will you be worried about flying her?

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Well... to answer, when I started this model years ago
, the development of electric motors was in its infancy and 
I used to fly my helis in thermal (methanol and a lot of oils) a lot of noise
 , vibrations, and grease sprayed on certain parts of the machine. therefore,
 during the construction and the years passing with the progress of the electric
 I changed my tune and planned an electric motorization as well as noisemakers
 which make it possible to reproduce the sound of a turbine engine. the machine
 is too small to be equipped with a real microturbine as it is practiced now 
and that would not have allowed the exact reproduction of the aztazou 14.
 yes, the construction of this machine is still designed to fly, 
which is a permanent constraint in terms of weight and solidity,
 especially when there are so many small elements everywhere.
 the moment of the 1st flight is still far away so much I advance like an ant
 on this work. Apart from the gelcoat resin base that I totally modified for
 the opening doors. etc., etc all parts are made from raw material.
 aluminium, copper, brass, steel, various types of wood
. epoxy resins. and the work done from dimensions and photos taken 
on the full-size machine. when I started I never imagined that this realization
 was going to feed on each detail brought on a part in order to ask them on
 the next to stay "at the level" and so the years of work...
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lots of problems with translator text copy
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4 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

In a way, it would be a shame to paint it, but then, conversely, it would be a shame not to. 


:D not wrong

choices are one of the problems of my life but not this one 
even if its not the part of work i prefer...
I will post pictures of the work of the parts already painted later and you will tell me..



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