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New 1/32 Spitfire XIVe conversion on the way

Sage the Owl

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Update just posted on Facebook:


LFD32-001 product, order and release informations.
This has been quite a journey since October 22 when I started this little venture.
Struck at home for weeks with a post covid mononucleosis, I grabbed an old PCM Spitfire box off the shelves during a stash inspection. The said box containing a failed attempt at mating the PCM kit to a RB Mk14 conversion and a Cammet low back fuselage. The build was progressing quite well until the failure point wich happened when I tried to carve the (resin) fuselage sides to adapt the old school scratched Recon mods. Thick resin is a ***** for that kind of work…
And so Im there sitting at the bench between two sleep sessions lamenting over how much I would like this model to be released, but knowing that would not happen anytime soon.
The next night, 2AM, I’m out of the bed to create the first drafts of what would become LFD32-001.
A few months later, I’m not falling asleep anymore during the day, and I’m very proud to unveil my 1/32 Spitfire MkXIVe conversion.
All orders will be processed via the web shop I’m currently setting up. It will be accessible at the address: www.laminarflowdesign.com
The set will comprise 65 parts, allowing to transform the Tamiya kit into a Griffon engined Spitfire MkXIVe.
The box will contain a complete new nose, spinner, wing radiators, fuselage hatches and FR mods, 2 tails (early & broad chord) with corresponding rudders, retractable tail wheel, and cutting/positioning templates to allow for precise modifications of the Tamiya kit, masks for two complete paint schemes, assembly instructions.
Price of this first set will be 69€ excluding VAT.
Wich means for EU residents the set will have to be charged with Belgian VAT (21%) and for the rest of the world with No VAT, but expect imports duties & customs.
Shipping rates will be calculated with Bpost.
The release date of the product is not known yet. As I still have to work on instructions and box-art. But will be announced as theses matters are done.
The first batch to be offered for sale will be of 40 units.
I intend to put up for sale on the website only available, already produced and boxed sets. So if the product is marked available, it means it is.
If out of stock, don’t worry, I m surely working the matter, and I will add sets as long as they are ready. Don’t hesitate to send a message to know the availability for the next batch.
Pics of renders and product parts to illustrate the content of the box.
See you soon on laminarflowdesign.com



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