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  1. Well, I just hope I'm not disappointed to the tune of $120 USD tomorrow.
  2. FWIW I was emailed that kit has been shipped and have a UPS tracking number.
  3. As did I and that's the same answer I got. I guess they are coming by either UPS or DHL. I wonder how long to N.A.?
  4. Poor customer service sets me off unfortunately. Are you saying that if there are defective parts they won't reply, or won't replace them, or........? Sounds like you have personal experience and got a refund through PayPal? If the aforementioned is correct, how much time elapsed before you contacted PayPal and went for a refund? Thank you for the heads-up. Hopefully I won't have any problems.
  5. I just ordered 2 of their 1/48 sets this past weekend when 48ers.com had a sale-the F-16 Blk 52 nozzle and A/B set, and legacy Hornet open nozzles A/B set.
  6. I contacted Sophia through eBay regarding shipping and I have cut and pasted her reply to me below: Hi Sir The kit will be ready at the early of December, and will ship it out by UPS/DHL. Please wait some more days! Regards Sophia Kitty Hawk Corp.
  7. Anyone got shipping notice yet from KittyHawk?
  8. Are there sprue shots anywhere of the kit?
  9. Warbird, You mention that this is an early F-102. I wouldn't pretend to know what all the early features would be, but 61009 has a late style speed brake.
  10. TBC

    F-101 Voodoo

    This photo was apparently taken by Capt. Turbo Tarling from an accompanying Voodoo during a formation takeoff. There is also another photo taken a few moments after this one, above the trees, aircraft cleaned up while still in afterburner.
  11. FWIW, there is an article on night fighter aces in Britain at War, Issue 74, June 2013, that says Harrington's Mosquito Mk.XXX was RA-D MM767. The article is written by a fellow named Andrew Thomas. The photo is sort of inconclusive, but the "O" does look similar to the "Q" of RA-Q MM788.
  12. Very nice. Curious as regards the fitment of the Aires wheel wells.
  13. Brad, I don't have the kit, but the I-16 apparently had a vertical tail which was adjustable while on the ground to offset torque. Perhaps what you are speaking about is a feature of this offset? I've seen this on other builds of the kit.
  14. Which boxing of the kit are these decals designed for, Jennings?
  15. Oh, I’m serious. I’d like to see it in 1/100, though.
  16. Very nice. If only Zvezda would give us a 707 then you could do any number of a gazillion schemes.
  17. There is a photo in Ginter's F-8 Crusader Part 2 of RF-8G 145646 of VFP-63 with eyeballs and EYES OF THE FLEET on the forward bulkhead of the wing center section. Pic taken 6-27-70 on the Bonnie Dick. Seen on other aircraft as well.
  18. I should also add that, while the EagleCals decals are gorgeous, they do not fit the model correctly. Whether anyone cares about such things is an individual choice. The WHOOOOOOOOO is too large a faunt to begin with. I used them so I know. I have the Montex set but haven’t rebuilt the model with them, but checking against extant photos of the aircraft (which are in the EagleCals set) they appear to be sized/proportioned correctly so that the stunning nose art will look proper. The wolf head in the EagleCals set is much nicer though. If you want details with images of the decals applied and notations, PM me. The decals in the Eduard boxing are printed by Cartograf, but I don’t know who did the artwork.
  19. EagleCals and Montex too.
  20. They look like one of the styles of tip tank used by the F-80.
  21. Would love to have it but not at £18 shipping. Would like to see an e-copy option.
  22. I was in Dallas for 2 weeks in 2005 on a training course for a company I use to work for. I went to the museum specifically to see if I could get pictures of their F9F-2 Panther. It was quiet when I went so I kindly asked if they would let me behind the ropes to do a walkaround of the jet-they obliged. Got all around and underneath the Panther. The only thing I didn’t get pictures of was the cockpit.
  23. I thought that the issue with the nose would be evident in the photo I posted, but I guess if you've never seen one before then maybe not. In the picture I posted you're looking at the resin nose upside down and the casting block in front of the radiator intake has already been removed revealing the problem area where the prop hub and backing plate mounts. You can see that it clearly comes to a point behind its casting block. This is the first Barracuda nose I received in an order from Ultracast. I took a photo of this one and sent it to Roy with an explanation. He sent me another (just the nose and not the whole set) along with a small order I placed. The replacement he sent me had the exact same issue. Ultracast does not make a resin replacement nose for this kit-they sell the Barracuda Studios product line. There clearly is/was a problem with these as I got two of them! I have no problem with Roy or his product line. I have lots of his stuff and it's absolutely top notch and this is the only time I have ever had a problem with any of his products.
  24. I don't know what the original problem was with the nose, but below is what mine looked like in an order I received from Ultracast earlier this year. I contacted Roy and attached a photo. A replacement was sent along with an order I placed. The replacement nose had the exact same issue as the 1st. I didn't want anything more to do with it after that.
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