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albatros D.III Roden 1/32

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hi all!

this is a model I finished some time ago, but I decided to put it here since a friend informed me that we will see it around soon. :whistle: 



in truth this model was born as a gym in view of other biplanes and as a guinea pig to experiment with materials and techniques unknown to me at the time. so I took a very cheap Roden kit and I threw in it Taurus Models resins, Eduard photoetched, Doug Kraner propeller, Uschi and FCM decals, a few pieces of WnW recovery, and a lot of time and patience.

to comfortably realize the internal details of the fuselage I built the entire front fuselage strut separately.



the engine is a Frankenstein's monster with Wingnut sump and manifolds, Roden cylinders, Taurus Models valves and flanges with Albion pipes and home-made details.



everything was then buried in the fuselage, as it was just a gym.



among the various experiments there were the reinforcements of the ribs on the wings (later improved and used recently on the Lysander) the use of Uschi decals to emulate wood, but also the use of metal pins to reinforce the structures less-than-perfect-joints together with the use of two-component glue.







the idea was to make the plane used by Werner Voss when he was transferred to the Richtofen squadron, with the upper wing replaced and the third heart freshly painted on the back of the fuselage.



with the under part reporting his age, at least compared to the upper one.



due to the fragility of the whole, I hastened to place it on a simple base on which it could be safe.



and that's it!

to be my second biplane, used to understand how to make at my best some WnWs on commission, I must say that I had a lot of fun and learned several things, thanks to it.


cheers, Paolo

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Well done Voss DIII ! The represented tape reinforcements are especially nice. They appear translucent, allowing the camo colors to show through. What did you use? Following the Lysander build also, which is coming along nicely.

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Top work Paolo!  The engine is really well done, all the more impressive because you built it from many different manufactuers parts.



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Thank you all for the interest and appreciation of this work!

Bobster, here I used the thiniest evergreen foil I had cut in strips, then after gluing these on the wings I sanded these softly. The translucent effect was achieved with pre and post shading.

let see if I'm able to post some pics by smartphone... 







hope these may explain the quite simply, altough time consuming, steps!


cheers, Paolo

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