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  1. I continued the work. I made a flush, added traces of exploitation. Remains to do the oil and fuel spots.
  2. wairco thank you! It's easy with the rivets. I rolled the rivets. Primed them, bleached them with metallic paint. Then paint. After that, rubbed the surface of the glider with a not very thick piece of paper where needed. I do not sand the rivets with sandpaper, due to this the paint from the surface after passing the paper in places of rivets is erased exposing the metallic. Then I finish the process with a 2000 abrasive on a parallon base. It is sold in car dealerships specializing in car painting, but you have to be very careful what you do.
  3. wairco It's simple there. The thread stretches and is very good. Enough to be taut in any position. The sliding section of the cab light simply runs rigidly on the guide rail.
  4. The painting of the main one in '76 is finished. Blew 13 under the stencil, striping. Painted the recesses .
  5. Well done! Really liked the model!
  6. Great construction site! The work is impressive!
  7. Primed the model. Fix a few things and go to paint.
  8. Finished the work on the cab. Closed the fuselage.
  9. There is one tip, sandpaper and the right eye.))))) So I did.
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