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  1. - for machine gun cowls I used old Fotocut PE kit - made a preshading for bottom sides - bottom sides were painted with light blue, covered with Future and decals were applied. Also I used Gaspatch resin anchor points and turnbuckles, I wish I knew that they are very fragile. I had to buy the metal ones instead. I spent more than a week for simple rigging... To be continued...
  2. propeller is ready, to paint it I used a Radome as base colour, added masks and covered with Red brown, after removing masks used oil paint to have a wooden effect on the lighter layer. Finally propeller was covered with Future
  3. as I said you can barely see this error, but I wanted to be honest, that's why I told that ;-)
  4. masks were removed I really like the result, it's very bright and very small amount of red overspray, that I easily fixed However, only after removing masks, I realized that my paint job was not correct :-( There should be 7 white stripes on the fuselage and I have only 6, also stripes are not even and not every stripe is parallel... Any way, I decided to leave as is, because a) I just do not want to repaint it, b) I do not have a lot of white paint left, and this will take some time to order a new one, c) only so
  5. lolly pop painting part: - I used Tamiya 6mm masking tape and placed 2 stripes to make a one 12mm stripe - put additional layer in between, just to prevent any overspray - and covered all upper wings and fuselage with red color
  6. you can watch a new video about a cockpit build on my channel
  7. Thank you, I didn't know about that, it's a good reference for future builds, will not change for this one because the engine is already inside the fuselage - I covered model with primer - made stripes from Tamiya masking tape only on the bottom sides of wings - painted all model in white next step - is masking for the red lolly-pop stripes
  8. - ignition wires were painted in yellow, also I glued wires to ignition box - here are photos of completed engine
  9. Next step is engine: -I decided to remove plastic spark plugs and cut 0.5mm diameter medical needles in small pieces, drilled holes and glued them - after added copper wires - also removed plastic springs - and made springs using copper wire, cut it into 12 small springs - made ignition wires to new spark plugs - painted the whole engine in black - masked cylinders and painted bottom in aluminium
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