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  1. Let's continue - both fuselage parts are glued, it was a hard process to put them together without gaps, "steps", that's Trumpeter yeah.... - engine is done, decided not to do a lot of details, just basic work with wires and paint Thanks for watching
  2. It does make perfect sense, I was confused about 2 sticks in the kit, I didn't realized that it's the same, but duplicated... any way, thanks everyone for making it clear, I cut it out and cockpit is ready to be closed, finally ))
  3. Ok, so I will just cut it out and, when cockpit will be closed, we will pretend, it's somewhere inside fuselage
  4. so, in this case it's not a mistake to keep it, no? or it was "the best practice" to remove it in field...
  5. ok, cool, thank you for letting me know until it's too late I have both sides ready to be glued, so I can remove it without any problems Do you know the reason, why they decided to put this stick into the gunner's place? There is no sense to have it, even in project, because even, if something happens with a pilot, rear gunner will not be able to have a control over the plane
  6. No I do not feel bad at all, no worries. Do you mean to remove this one? I found this picture as a reference and, yes the control stick is not there, but I thought a lot of other parts are removed, like radio for example, so the stick was removed as well....
  7. Hi everyone. Decided to share with you my current project - SBD-2 Dauntless. Model will be built almost OOB, with some minor improvements As usual started from cockpit - masked instruments with wooden glue Added some wires for radio and throttle for rear cockpit instruments floor with pedals and gunner position some more wires for instruments covered all cockpit parts with black paint after - interior green Painted cockpit deta
  8. Let's proceed - resin GasPatch machine guns are much better than kit ones - lower wing is on it's place - upper as well - other details: wheels, wooden parts, etc. - almost done
  9. small update - put masks to paint white base for national markings upper wing after removing masks, even though that upper wing should be red, I decided to paint it in a same way, as it was more than 100 years ago. Red colour applied on top of white one, that should give me same effect as on real prototype lower wing - also painted in red tail and other parts thanks for watching
  10. If someone is interested how I painted streaky camouflage - I made a video Thanks for watching
  11. let's proceed: - model was covered with primer and light-blue, I used RLM65. Put some masks and painted hood and axle wing in olive-drab. - added stitch imitation, that was covered with piece of linen - made other masks to shoe very thin light-blue line that almost every Dridekker had on their bottom side of the fuselage - Camo - I painted, as usually, using oil paints (mix of olive green and small amount of raw sienna) and very hard straight brush. I like to use oil for this type of camo, just because it drys
  12. - glued both sides of fuselage - added middle wing - tried to paint a propeller, original Axial wooden prop had 7 layers, so to imitate them, I covered prop in base sand color anb masked lighter wood and painted sand brown - after removing masks difference in colors is too contrast, so I used dry hard brush with oil paint to remove this high difference in colors - when oil dried completely, usually it takes about 2-3 d
  13. Hi Jim, thank you. This kit is old and not too complicated, you just need to start doing it and progress will come by itself))
  14. let's proceed - I made plywood pieces for a fuselage using sheet plastic, painted it in wood with oil paints - for seat-belts decided to use HGW once for Pfalz D.III, yes plane are not same but seat-belts are similar - painted inner sides of fuselage in light blue, after that added camo with olive oil paint using a dry brush, when oil dried (after 3 days) I covered it again with main very thin paint. In doing so, we can see outside camo inside the cockpit. - glued "plywood"
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