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  1. Hi guys, want to share with you my last finished model - Revell's F4U-1A Corsair The model is very old, about 1970's, inaccurate and poor detailed. However I had to make this model, because my client didn't want to buy a Tamiya's (that kit was too expensive for him) better one and provided me with that kit. Anyway, the model is completed and the client is happy - this is the most important thing for me )) The build was almost OOB with minor improvements which you may notice on photos. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Thanks guys, to say the truth it's not so hard to make the rigging on models of any Nieuport in comparison with DH.2 ))) This may take a weekend, no more - so I hope to complete the model this week...
  3. almost done, one small step left ;-)
  4. the most boring part of the making models - drilling small holes, making eyelets, glue them etc.
  5. Engine cover and the plane itself
  6. Then, after drying the oil paints I glued all infuselage parts together. Here a last glance on cockpit before closing both sides of the fuselage
  7. well guys, other parts were painted and transferred from plastic to wooden )) Also I cut from instrumental panel instruments that were only on a prototype plane
  8. Chris, nice start and it's a wonderful choice of prototype to be build. Here my Roden's model, but F.1 type, any way the plastic is the same. To make "rain" camo I used oil paints, but prior I had covered all model with light blue paint http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=45381&hl= Also I want to say that upper wing and tail should be painted this scheme firstly and covered with red paint in order to first layer of "rain" will be visible. That's why I think you should repaint tail
  9. here the photos of completed seat and a prop
  10. Thank you guys for kind words, Kevin I think the problem is in you browser, because mates can see pictures without any issues. Any way, I will post all photos here. After a first glance on the chair I decided that it doesn't look like the original, so I decided to make a better one. I drilled holes and reduce the unnecessary plastic, cut slices of 0.6mm plastic and glued them but in the end I didn't like the result and I made the scrutch-build seat main parts parts of the fuselage I ready for wood painting, covered with the first layer of acril paint
  11. Hi everyone, I want to share with you with my new project - Roden's Nieuport 28c1 First of all I made engine and oil tank, painted them in alluminium, made wires for spark plugs.
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