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  1. Small update: - I will fix windshield issue a bit later, meanwhile I made preshading - used silver on hatches and wing edges - add salt on top of silver paint and covered with yellow zinc chromate, after that used salt again - painted in main colors top - Hataka - A218, bottom A050 - masked tail, covered it with white, again masked and painted red lines - very-very thin layer of base blue gray on tail again salt on top of base color
  2. Thanks Brett. Yes, I have 2 options closed/opened and I decided to do the opened one. I think it's not too late, I glued it with a white glue, just for paint work, so it can easily be removed. However, I already started to paint model and, if I move windscreen perhaps I would have to repaint that part. Thanks
  3. an update after a long gap: - glued wings and added them to fuselage, masked and sanded - Trumpeter decided that it's a very nice idea to give flaps and air brakes in parts like this - fuselage is ready for painting - masked and glued canopy, covered with primer To be continued...
  4. Thanks guys!!! The model is ready, I thought it will be a fast 1-2 weeks project, but it took about a 1.5 months, the kit's quality is 5 out of 10, with some pros and a lot of cons. Any way, it was a fun built of a nice and unique plane, hope you will enjoy
  5. Ok, so razor has it's legs now - glued the wing, added oil leaks, dust, wire to ailerons and elevator, put engine and can say that the model is ready more photos will be soon
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to share here photos of one of my recent completed models - 1/32 Roden Fokker Dr.1 477/17, flown by MvR during March 1918. Dridecker is one of my favorite WW1 planes and I built about 5 or 6 models from this kit. A lot of modellers are very happy about new Meng's kit, which is much better, however Roden's kit is also very nice. I started to build models in 1/32 scale from the same kit approx. 15 years ago and this year I decided to launch a Youtube channel also using this kit. You can visit my channel and watch videos with the bu
  7. yeah, almost the same crazy check board, but black and white))
  8. - model was painted black - masks are removed not bad, very small amount of over-spray that can be easily fixed to be continued...
  9. started a long, boring process. based on model size (a fuselage height near engine is 21 mm) on the nose should be 3 black rhombuses, spent whole weekend on it, I tried to make them 7*7mm - too big, 5*5 too small, made them 6*6mm - looks good to me to be continued...
  10. thank you, it's a bit late, because the model is almost done, but still it's very interesting material, will to take a look
  11. Some more updates: - painted wing, on top used Olive drab and light brown, bottom side was painted in sky blue and violet - on axle wing's bottom side made a mistake with masking, will need to repaint it - fuselage painted in base yellow color want to make a black/yellow "chess board" color scheme, so masking will be a bit tough. I found couple of pictures of this plane, but they are in plant fabric with lozenge, and I couldn't find picture in my colors.
  12. Thanks guys, no didn't plan to use them, will use from kit. I will need only crosses, I decided to build aircraft that was flown by Ltn.Z.See Gotthard Sachseberg, Marine Field Jagdgruppe I, Flandern, Coolkerke Airfield. August 1918 Simple black/yellow, no lozenge.
  13. didn't post anything for a while, however the build is in the process - made hand pump, sextant, engine switch, wires to engine, seat belts and some other interior details - glued both sides of fuselage, used a lot of putty and sanding - same with the wing - drilled holes for wires in the tail and they do not match ))) - also tried to glue the tail itself and it has huge step, again sanding, san
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