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Ok it has been a while but I am back.


I have just received the paint masks in the mail. Thank you Brian. I have just shipped the first kit to Austria and the shipping was $48. So for anyone in Europe that will be what to expect for your shipping. 


I will be contacting the first 4 people on my list in a day or so to set up payments and shipping addresses. These 4 kits will go out before Oct 1st. Subsequent kits will ship out as they are printed,  approximately 1 per week.


Thanks, Dan

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Funny story. 


When I took the package to the post office I was dealing with a very polite clerk who spoke with an accent. He helped me and I paid for the package to be shipped. Now I was very clear that I was sending to Austria and Austria was clearly written on all of the paperwork, however he heard Australia. Fast forward to when I get home, my wife is looking at the receipt and it says Australia. It has the correct street address but the wrong country! HOLY CRAP!


So I race back down to the post office and luckily was able to get the package out of the bin and change countries. My first shipment and it almost goes to the wrong continent. Live and learn, read the receipt. 



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2 hours ago, Tophat57 said:

Don't know if this is of any use in your research. But just in case here's a link for an old copy of the original NATOPS manual for the A-5A. (Part of a haul of old aircraft flight and service manuals I've got).


Hope it's of use. Tristan.




Thanks Tristan, I will give it a look.



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On 9/21/2022 at 7:20 PM, Tophat57 said:

here's a link for an old copy of the original NATOPS manual for the A-5A. 



This manual is a surprisingly good source of detail information for anyone building a Viggie kit.  NAA did a really good job illustrating their manuals back in the day.  My dad was a Viggie weapons systems instructor until the advent of the RA-5C and I read his manuals from cover to cover every chance I got.  Learned a lot of useless stuff, but the illustrations were my favorites.  While they may not have been 100% accurate for some views of the airplane, they were mostly dead-on accurate, fine line detail drawings that pretty much show you everything you need to know.  The how to fly the airplane parts are interesting reading now that there are no more Viggies, but the illustrations are pure gold for the likes of us.  Highly recommended.

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Posted (edited)

With the first Prototype finished time to move onto #2.










Ship number 2. Hopefully I will be able to improve this model in all respects. This will be a VAH-7 bird loaded with MERS and bombs. Stay tuned.




I am still working on producing kits for those who have shown an interest. 5 kits complete and shipped out. 2 almost ready.   


Thanks, Dan

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Here is some progress on ship #2 and some of my techniques and improvements,


First pic, fresh off the printer. You can see the print lines quite clearly and a few flaws.




Sand the stab with 100 grit sandpaper. All of the high spots are gone and you can see low spots that need to be filled. Total sanding time 1 minute.




Now for some filler.




When the putty has dried I will hit it again with the 100 grit in prep for primer.


I have also taken care to fix a small shape issue at the rear of the stab. The white plastic corrects a shape at the rear and allows for the stab to conform to the fuselage as it curves in near the engine nozzle.




And finally for today, correcting the shape of the inner intake wall. It should not be straight but instead curved up against the fuselage.




Thanks for looking, Dan

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