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  1. Yup. TF Normandy. Those AH-64s did a great job kicking down the door....after being shown where the door was by a couple of USAF MH-53Js.
  2. I'm in...both for watching the build here, and (hopefully) waiting in line for the conversion kit! jp
  3. Oh man I gagged on my bourbon, Damian...I've been home for almost 3 months now with my two girls, 6 and 9, all day...every day.... I love my daughters. I love my daughters....but... jp
  4. F-89 So I only skimmed the hundreds of posts...apologies if it has already been wished for and summarily shot down. jp
  5. My wife gave me a coronacut six weeks into this thing, as my kids were starting to avoid me. She'd never driven a set of clippers before, and did a good job. Now I'm thinking how to convert the $14.95 I spent on a haircut every month to resin.
  6. This made my day. My youngest, Daphne (6) goes by Duck...she LOVES ducks...this made her giggle and smile. Thank you. jp
  7. "Don't know what you got till it's gone" With apologies to Tom Keifer.
  8. Pete- I wish I could post more; so many builds here on LSP are worthy of it. I don't have the time to read all the things I want to see here, much less post. But your builds, and this one in particular, are pretty damn cool. This one means a lot to me. I've had plans of doing a similar build for years, as it is a subject that holds some significance for me. Reality says that probably wont' happen, so I'm very much enjoying this. Please keep it up! I'm really looling forward to seeing this one play out. Cheers, jp
  9. Always my favorite jet, nice job! jp
  10. Bourbon. And when I need a refresher on how great bourbon is, I go for vodka, spiced rum, or a good brandy. Then I have a bourbon. Beer...my current kick is New Glarus Spotted Cow.....Only in Wisconsin. jp
  11. Gold....on a couple of levels!
  12. Thanks for posting this build. I've had this kit for years, with the intention of one day building Lt. Harry Brubaker's jet. That is one of my favorite movies, for a lot of reasons. (Every single time I watch I find myself hoping that Nestor, Mike, and Harry somehow pull through....they never do.) Great job, and thanks again. jp
  13. Boxed nasties from the Fright Kitchen....don't miss 'em.
  14. That looks like bourbon, neat, to me.... Great job on all of this! jp
  15. Just in case anybody had the same (crazy, as it turned out) idea that I had....a warning on tinted superglue. I thought I'd just make my own...I put some blue food coloring into a new bottle of CA. A minute or two after I put the top back on, it heated up and exploded. Lesson learned. Don't do that.... jp
  16. Regarding the pylons and missiles...Zactomodels makes them, and they are simply the best. There are plenty of comparison pics on LSP that show the night-and-day differences between Zacto's stuff and the kit parts. ALL the Zacto Su-27 parts are worth it; they best even the 'revised' parts on the later Flanker kits. Please post pics! jp
  17. Sending you and your mom good vibes from Grand Rapids. Hoping for the best, Jennings. jp
  18. Welcome to the club, Brian. All the things I love and enjoy- my kids, my family, my hobbies- have all been made possible by my wife. I wish you both the best. jp
  19. Hi Si, thanks very much for that. Overall I'm happy with it; it just took very much longer than I'd hoped, and enthusiasm for it waned. (Sort of) keeping up with this build thread did help, though. Thanks for stopping by, jp Thanks, Torben. Beastly, for sure...but though I'm running out of space for them, I dig the big models. Cheers, jp
  20. Thanks so much, Marcel, I appreciate it! I find your builds inspiring and motivating...that came in handy with this project. Regards, jp Thanks for checking it out, Fvdm. I'm thankful for your kind words. Cheers, jp Thank you ROM! One of the builds that inspired me to build my first Flanker was yours from a decade or more ago. Cheers, jp
  21. Thank you David, that's much appreciated. This one sits on the very bottom of the display case, so the underside of the model will never be seen...let's just say I took advantage of that! I also hope the Tan kit shows up. I want one wings folded. As far as a next project...I have about 10 or so unfinished builds from the last decade or so. I really should finish one of them. I have an F-14 Adversary that's about 90% done. But on the other hand I really dig those big Flankers. I've actually started researching an Su-30SM made from the Trumpeter Su-30MKK kit. I think I can pull it o
  22. …..and done. Well not technically. I do have to finish the antennas and doo-dads at the top rear of the vertical stabs. One of these days. There will be no up close glamor shots. It’s definitely a six-footer. I initially hoped to make this a much more accurate Su-33, but after year three passed, accuracy left town with good workmanship. I thought about listing all the inaccuracies, errors of omission, and areas of substandard workmanship, but what’s the fun in that? There is only one thing that really bugs me about it- the nose gear is at a bit of a weird angle.
  23. Rats. Thanks a lot, Gaz. I appreciate your stopping by. jp
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