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  1. Awesome Cougar! I love the blue....what type of paint did you use? John
  2. I very much hope all goes well, Damian. John
  3. Thank you Maru! I appreciate your stopping by! jp
  4. Much appreciated, Damian! No worries at all re the F-86 stuff. Take all the time you need. jp
  5. Thanks Maru, I feel like I've 'made it' when you comment! jp
  6. Thanks mattcour! I just really dig the Fisher 50's jets. I even picked up a couple KH 48th Twogars...though from what I've read, they will be a much tougher build than the Fisher. Much appreciated, Rockie! Right now it's alone in a new display case...at my rate it'll be years before it gets company.
  7. I appreciate it Cicciuzzo! I'm not fluent in Italian(?), but I figured out your compliment. Thanks again! It was both easier and harder than I figured it would be...easier, as it's basically just Tamiya white primer, followed by MRP orange (and a bit of red). But way harder in that if touch-ups need to be done, it's a lot of work. I have a couple other Fisher kits, including another (pretty beat-up) Twogar. No orange for that one! It'll be a USMC FAC jet. Thank you Jeff! Thanks 100 SQN, much appreciated! Much appreciated, Brian. Some call them chubby and under-powered, but I just dig the look of this jet. Thanks Ernest, the build itself was pretty easy. Nearly all the work was paint and markings.
  8. Thanks Patrick. I appreciate it! Thanks Citadelgrad, the photo lies a bit, but overall I'll take it. Good luck with your Tbolt! Thanks chrish, I appreciate your stopping by.
  9. Thanks Ron I only got to see 111s a few times, but to this day I remember just how obnoxiously loud they were. I was surrounded by F-15s, so that's saying something. So much so that if we got a heads-up that they were leaving, we all would fall out just to watch. Regards John
  10. I forgot about this one...not LSP, but a finished kit nonetheless. It's a 1/72 Italeri F-111A, made up to sort of represent an F-111D. I made it for a good friend of mine as sort of a retirement gift. He was in the USAF in the mid 70's, stationed at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The scale is too small for my tastes (the smaller the scale, the bigger the messes I make), but this wasn't about what I liked. The decals came from the kit, another modeler from over on ARC, and my printer. It's up to my usual 'looks OK from the other side of the room' standards, but my buddy was thrilled, so it's a big win. Thanks for checking it out. John
  11. Technically two completions, if you count the new 'Double Detolf' display case. This is the Fisher F9F-8T/TF-9J. It is by far a better kit than I am a modeler, but I had fun building it. Definitely a three, possibly four, footer. I started it while I was on COVID furlough the summer of '20. (That seems like a lifetime ago.) First time trying a couple of things: Orange paint, a giant pain. Also, this was the first time I used masks for some of the markings. The kit decals were somewhat yellowed, and weeks in a sunny window only helped some. When the stencil decals were placed on the white-painted areas, ANYTHING besides perfectly clear film showed. I printed my own decals for the "NAVY" and "ATSUGI" and some of the numbers, but had the same problem. I tried three different clear decal brands, but all could be seen on the white paint. I had all the decals put down when I belatedly decided to try masks. It was a bear removing the decals without wrecking the paintjob I struggled with, so I only did re-did some of the markings. You can see the difference; the "NAVY" is painted, while the "147413" is a decal. The decals actually look better in the photo than real life. Thanks for stopping by, John
  12. Received this from JETMADS today: Hello, With regard to the second edition of our 1:32 JA37 Viggen project, we would like to inform you that we have started the production of the kit and we are currently 3D printing the nozzles, engine fan blades, intake ducts and the afterburner rings, later to be followed by detail blocks A, B, C, D and E, as well as the landing gear wells & doors, ladders and the tow bars. Our production team is also busy making the moulds for resin parts and we are going to start casting some parts soon in December. Kind Regards, JETMADS Team Second run getting closer....
  13. Sign me up! Won't wait for a second run this time....
  14. Dan.... "Once I have all of the cad files to my liking I can print as many as I want. Perhaps change the files to produce a photo bird??" Does this mean you would sell one of these amazing creations to a guy with seven thumbs who has no hope of ever creating anything like this on his own? I would pay handsomely...I've been saving up for something, but was never really sure for what....'til now. John
  15. No affiliation other than being a satisfied customer, but this shop in Japan still has a Fisher 1/32 Fatface Skyraider conversion set available. I have placed three orders with this shop in the last year or so, and shipping was extremely quick, even with COVID. I got each shipment in five to seven days, shipped air post to Michigan, USA. The proprietor, Mr. Hashizume, took great pains to pack each shipment so it would arrive safely. He's got it listed for 15000Y, about $135. I picked one up from him already, and don't really need another. Thought I'd pass this on. John https://www.keystone-models.com/aircrafttop-english.htm
  16. Order in...#10894....they appear to be going fast...thinking of what I can sell in the next few minutes to facilitate getting another Viggen... jp
  17. Dan, would you be willing to post the results of your explorations into this? I also am interested in how to do this, as I'm sure others are. I only need a 3D printer, software knowledge, and lots of time. I can both learn from you, and more likely, do my modeling vicariously. Thanks, John
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