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Make the others jealous


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Awww, why was it cleaned out??


$5.00, nice return on investment!






Given that it was over 300 pages long, had tons of dead links, plus the fact that entire site will be migrating soon, and also presuming that most who cared to follow it had already seen what they wanted to see, seemed to be pretty good reasons. :)


:) - for your score K2

:( - for the previous thread deletion!!!!


That was Erwin's legacy to our forum ... Miss the guy ... But at least he left an ongoing piece of himself behind - one that wasn't filled with snark and controversy!!


Rog :)


Yep, and it will probably go to ebay or Amazon.


Good luck. ....nice win by the way. ...


Indeed it was,... and is. :)

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OK, the old thread of the same name was removed during a recent forum cleaning done by staff, so I've decided to start it again



Bummer...................total bummer. More than half the fun for me was reading all the past acquisitions by LSPers. :(


Any special reason it was deleted?

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Sorry Brian,  we do a clean out every once and awhile of General Discussion but it got away from us. The last time it was done was pre 2011 mostly by Charles and myself. Since his passing none of us have kept up with it.  I started a purge a few weeks ago and Matty finished it. We clear out all the old happy B-days (I seem to recall at least three to K1 alone), broken links, my complaining on Calgary Weather etc.


We try to keep all the plane talk and pictures. The only two forums we do this to is General Discussion and Traders Board.  We were a little more loose with what was kept this time because of the pending migration of the site. Like K2 says, that thread was really a bunch of old news so Matty cut it loose and here we have fresh start.


As for Erwin... well this is the third time I know of where he's left the hobby so chances are he'll be back.



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Too bad the other thread had to go, but thank you for keeping the idea alive!


I got an email yesterday from Ebay. Apparently, they had some sort of issue the other night that caused some people some grief. Whatever it was, it never affected me, personally. However, they issued a coupon code, so I thought I would put it to good use. I just ordered an Eagle Parts corrected cowl cover for the Fw 190A-7/8/9 and it only cost me a total of 45 CENTS! Since I just purchased the A-9 cowl ring/cooling fan, last week, I know I'll be putting this to good use! :evil_laugh:



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