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  1. Alain, I love it! C'est la grand!!! Hope you had a nice newyears eve in favourite company! All the best Ted
  2. Well done Kevin! Like Alan says- it's huges!! I really enjoyed this thread. All the best Ted
  3. Wouter, Firstly: Happy new year! Secondly: she looks beautiful.. this thread is so instructional.. your a brave man. I look forward to your next update. All the best Ted
  4. Perfect.... prima, stellar with everything on top! I think that this is the best modell I've seen...ever. Happy new year to you qith wishes that you treat us some more 2015 All the best Ted
  5. Beautiful Arado- Stellar work!! Happy new year Ted
  6. How sweet is that! She's got the "old mans" talent I think, well done! Cheers Ted
  7. Man- you must have a big Cabinet( or a small Zoo), first the Cat now a Rhino! karim- this will be awsome!! Cheers Ted
  8. Beautiful scooters! Well done! Merry christmas! Ted
  9. Thank you so much Karim and the same same! I sure it'll be something beautiful like this one:) Cheers Ted
  10. I forgot: She's stunning! Well done!! Ted
  11. Firstly- Merry Christmas Karim!! You work extremely fast and you really exceed with every build!! Thanks for sharing Mate!! Cheers Ted
  12. Can I report this as too disturbingly good?! A big congrats to a simply outstanding build!!! Merry christmas Cheers Ted
  13. Excellent- you nailed it, well done! Merry christmas Ted
  14. This thread is too Crazy! Seriously I'm amazed by your paint and wethering skills.. My wife came in the "Cave" asking me what I was screaming about... so I showed her (this thread).. she said: OMG!! Super, just Super! Cheers Ted
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