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34 minutes ago, CruZz said:

Thanks again.


Yes, I thought about it but I'm afraid resin (casted or printed) part will not be strong enough. Whole kit is very heavy...



And will get heavier with all of your goodies I plan on using :D

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Hello all. I´m thinkink about upgrade set of my 1/32 F-15E upgrade cockpit set. :-D . What you think about this Idea? I dont thought that IP panels will be needed when I made the Cockpit set but now, when I´m slowly building my own F-15E I´m realized, then they are needed...
In set can be front and aft IP panels, 2 variants of UFC and separate buttons and knobs. I think this set can be used with or without my cockpit set.
And note about packages.... I´m casting and printing thru days and nights... 17 orders were sent last Thursday. Another more that 10 will be send tomorrow... and rest to end of the week. Thank you for your patience.
Cheers, JAN
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