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24 minutes ago, CruZz said:

Hello Ade...  maybe later... it´s not in my primary plans... but never say never right?


Thanks. Think they might sell well given how much work it is to get that intake seamless, much easier to stick a plug in it instead…

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I can see another order in my future.  Will you make the early F-16 Sidewinder launchers in 1:48 as well?  Both the old Hasegawa kit and the first generation Kinetic kit can need them...

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1 hour ago, CruZz said:

And what about inner frame for canopy? JHMCS included?


I think HUD will not be the problem..


That would be awesome!  Tailored to the Tamiya kit please :)


37 minutes ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

The instrument panel glare shield with vents added on either side would be awesome for the Tamiya kit-


ok I’ll stop now :rolleyes:




Don't stop now, we need the discerning eye to point out which tweaked parts are needed to improve the Tamiya CJ kit (although it's pretty good out of box). The WAR HUD would make a Block 40/42 a little easier to build from the Tamiya kit.

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