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more info on Japanese  fuel tanks.

Japan Grounds Its Fleet of F-15s After Fuel Tank Falls Off in Flight


and quote from the know- it -all -Tinternet.


The lack of self-sealing fuel tanks on many Japanese aircraft in WWII was not a “problem” it was a feature. The Japanese intentionally gave up self-sealing tanks to achieve greater range and lighter weight. That was a decision based upon Japanese doctrine as to air power.

You can argue that the doctrine was wrong (I certainly would at least for the time period after mid-1942), but the decision to limit self-sealing tanks in Japanese aircraft was a conscious and intentional decision-not a mistake.


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If you do decide to produce some JASDF-specific drop tank, maybe you would consider the radome, which has (I think) static dischargers, if you right click on the image to open in a new tab, then hit the enlarge you can see them clearly.



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