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If you do decide to produce some JASDF-specific drop tank, maybe you would consider the radome, which has (I think) static dischargers, if you right click on the image to open in a new tab, then hit the enlarge you can see them clearly.



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Hello all. First packages from end of last week are on the way. Next going ASAP... I have all ready in bigger amount, but missing few fuel tanks, what I´m casting only 4pcs a day.... Going to make more molds now.


Thank you for your patience. I´m not able adhere to 3 days from order to shipping... But working on it...




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On 1/27/2022 at 5:29 AM, CruZz said:
Hello all. News for "January" are on our webshop finaly. Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com
32023 F-15E Upgrade set
32024 F-15 Modern Airbrake
32025 F-15 610 gallons fuel tanks (2pcs)
32027 F-15 Modern wheels

Does the update set include the new UFC for the rear cockpit too?  The rear cockpit UFC is on the lower right hand corner of the rear IP, and like the UFC on top of the front IP, it’s changed from the six horizontal lines display to a solid screen.  The Tamiya kit part F33 is the old style.

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