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2 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

Wonderful, another thing to add to the shopping list.  One question, does the 32021 1/32 F-15E Centerline pylon match the one that is used by the Israelis on their F-15I?

I believe that the centerline pylon on the F-15I has a straight, not angled, leading edge.






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Hello Jan,


I just received my order from last week from you and I am very happy about these great products :wub:

The surface details are amazing!! I compared them with the kit parts and it is a great improvement for this kit :clap2:
The casting quality is also top notch :bow:I am very happy that you are helping us modelers to make our models even better with your upgrade parts. 

I am looking forward for new parts and will definitely buy again from you because I have so many Eagles in stock :thumbsup:


Great communication, great parts, great quality!!

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