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your F 15 parts are really impressive , with " sharp " details , hat off !!!!!!! sure that you crumble under requests for such , and such subjects , but, may I suggest you , to consider the recce F 4 Phantom nose ,( I mean the " soft one ...of course ) , this particular version , is expected by a lot of " aficionados " here :coolio: 


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Hello Alain. Thank you!


It´s lot of interesting subjcects what can be done in future. But I´m still one man company. I have to draw parts in 3D, print them, make molds, make instructions, labels.

Cast all parts, pack and ship them....  And to this new orders incoming .... 


I'm not complaining at all, for me its a dream job... (I am grateful for every order).

Only want to say, that isn´t much time for drawing news as I want. 


When will be bussines more stable, I can delegate somebody with casting and have hands free.



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Thanks again for the smooth transaction!

Awesome news, that set will definitely be in my shopping cart in the future.


Will you be able to do the new wheels as well?  They're in use since approx 2015 and no company makes them in 1/32.

Here's a pic from 2018.




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I also notice the small gear door in that image Chek. It resembles the airbrake structure you mentioned earlier and differs from earlier jets and that offered by Tamiya.

When was that style introduced I wonder? 

CruZz, perhaps that is another potential candidate to put on your list? 

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