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  1. I think this is great news. I'm always a sucker for anything Battle of Britain related and I really hope they can tackle a Mk I Hurricane at some point. The level of detail that can be designed and implemented in a model kit these days is truly where I find the joy of modeling. It's not just about building a model for me, but more of an appreciation for the aesthetics and history of a beautiful airplane flown by amazing men, sometimes 3-4 times a day, to protect their country, many of them dying along the way. In a way, modeling for me is a way to relive some of that history and I'm glad to see the Kotare folks putting out their rendition of a very beloved airplane.
  2. Mine is 10608 and I haven't received any shipping notice yet.
  3. Jan - how big are the differences between F-15E/I and F-15C/D pylons? Chris
  4. Well, if the 1/48 version is as detailed as the 1/32 set, I may need some as well... I received my 1/32 F-15 pylon sets and a few other things last week. Jan's products are absolutely amazing. Am looking forward to more!!! Chris
  5. Order placed, Jan. Thanks for doing all this great work! Chris
  6. Jan - Your parts are some of the best I've seen. Can't wait to get my hands on these! Chris
  7. Fantastic work, Jan! Really looking forward to these and the Eagle pylons/launchers. Chris
  8. Jan - A quick question for you. In the image above of the rail (and I realize that it's just a drawing, so it may not reflect reality), it looks like the inner edge of the rail is part of the casting block. Is there a way to make the rail more set apart from the casting block so that it is easier to remove and easier to clean up? Thanks, Chris
  9. Jan - Are you developing any more items for the F-15? Chris
  10. I thought I saw a post somewhere from Red Fox Studios or Quinta Decals that they were making/are making a cockpit decal set for the Tamiya F-14. That would help solve one issue with that kit as I've used these decals before and they are rather nice. Chris
  11. I've been working on an F-117 and sprayed Tamiya Nato Black, which is very flat, followed by an Tamiya X-22 gloss coat. As I was spraying the X-22, I noticed that it was not going down in the nice glossy coat I was expecting and turned out very rough and not very glossy at all. I was using low pressure and trying to put down a relatively wet coat - but no dice. My question is: do I need to prep a flat coat in any way prior to the gloss coat? I appreciate the help as I'm trying to emulate some of what I see the experts doing here, but I'm just not getting the same results. Thanks, Chris
  12. I'm having issues with Tamiya decals (1/32 MkXVIe Spitfire). They basically shattered when I put Mr. Mark Setter on them. Any thoughts or suggestions on using Tamiya decals (found a new set on eBay that I'm going to try again)? They seem pretty thick. Thanks, Chris
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