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A 1/6 resin kit, a bit of a break from the usual. I deleted the "bat wings" and added a flowing/blowing cape type thing from offset printing press foil. A wood stir stick for the spear handle, annealed wire for the thumb rings and necklace.  Painted with Vallejo acrylics, Tamiya acrylics, some oils and Alclad lacquer for the metal bits, my 6th figure build.












Thanks for looking

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3 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Uh, she have a sister?  Asking for a friend.

Yes...oddly enough she does. A few actually, two of them in the stash even.

Strange how women go into battle wearing nothing but ripped underwear and men go into battle in full metal....

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Thanks guys!

I run the figures past my wife for critique. She doesn’t approve of the really “busty” figures as they are not very true to form.

I agree with her on that.

Doesn’t stop me from building them...

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