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how old is your oldest shelf of doom project!

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I can't say this is my oldest shelf of doom project, but it is my most well documented.

At the point I started my "Rex In Limbo" thread, I had probably already started and stalled on the kit for a year or so.

So, posted in May of 2004,




finished in May of 2020.

I have a bunch of shelf of Doom projects from that period.  An A-36 being converted from an old Revell P-51B, a Typhoon, a Hasegawa F6F-5 Hellcat with folded Wings, a Combat vac Me-410, and an Aurora B-25H.  Since then I've added an Aurora B-25 8-gun nose J conversion (hey! it was supposed to be quick and easy!), an He-111 in flight, and the one I pulled off the shelf to work on, my ID Models vac B-17D.




I don't worry too much about what I have or what I finish; I work on what makes me happy at the time.  (And I'm not sure that cut up Hellcat is EVER gonna make me happy!?)


PS:  I know, now, that the NASM Rex isn't the only survivor.


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I dont have a shelf of doom.

I have some models which I have put aside until I feel ikr completing them just as I have a number of pieces of sculpture which are also awaiting completion.

What is this doom crap?


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It is the shelf or location of “In don’t care much any more” or no excitement. Some shelves like mine are located just a few feet from the bin.  All that is needed is a quick sweep of the arm to end the troubled relationship. 


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Back in '85 i tried to change a standard dual 1/32 revell F15 (yeah right...) into the  F-15 STOL/MTD demonstrator, by scratchbuilding the most obvious differences with the " normal" eagle, like duplicating the rectangular exhausts, the forward canards (actually taken in reality from the F18 horizontal tails, which i did in concert) but in the end it stalled like the pictures are showing, and the kit is still in a "hide-away" showcase upstairs:











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On 1/11/2021 at 9:03 AM, Stokey Pete said:

Last year, I finally finished an Aggressor painted Hornet that I’d started initially, some 15 years ago. I started with the purchase of a 2 Seater, which had a BB cockpit. I made a hash of that and threw the ‘pit away in a huff. It sat on the shelf of doom for 4-5 years until I sourced some replacement sprues, which ended up being from the single seat variant. A change of plan soon followed, with buying a bunch of resin AM for it, and a set of Fightertown decals. 

Over the next few years, I made attempts to dry fit, paint the resin parts, and mate them with some beautiful G-factor gear legs. I never quite managed a good fit, so I donated the gear bays and gear legs to a fellow modeller. 
Then, in 2018 came the arrival of our first (and now sadly, only) child. No more modelling for me, replaced with poop filled nappies and midnight feeds. 
My wife finally got fed up of seeing it on the shelf in its tatty box and half built fuselage. I was given the rather forceful ultimatum of “build it or I’ll bin it!) Fast forward to late 2020, it got finished at great speed, doing away with gear and load outs, in favour of just getting it off the shelf before it got trashed. 
Here’s the result.




Ironically  I have a 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet finally ready for paint. Very similar story to yours, I even noticed it in photos in the background over the years. I started it in 1999, 21 years ago. I am determined to get it done.


Nice build!

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This model sat for about 3 years unfinished in mottled camouflage. 

One day I grabbed it and stripped the paint and re-did it.




I have a  Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane Mk.I. I assembled the seat years ago and put it away. I'm thinking of building it.

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Let's get the definition in place: Shelf of doom is where models that are given up reside. I don't have that. Given up, they go out. I do have a Shelf of missing mojo, and right now it's maybe 2 years for the oldest. In the past I've had one 5 years in the making


BTW - if it still fits inside the box, it's not started for real :D

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On 1/11/2021 at 3:32 PM, Rick Griewski said:

Scratchbuilder’s Me-410.  Started in 1997 after the first release of the kit was replaced due to all types of kit engineering issues.  I have upgraded it two or three times (e.g., spinners , canopy with frame, reworked propellers and the correct size tires). It is now a mostly scratch built kit. 


Pictures Rick, ya gotta show us some pictures of this project! 



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