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  1. If anyone is interested about the Bücker Bü-131 Jungmann, Revell's site has it on sale for 17 euros. https://www.revell.de/en/products/sale/buecker-bue-131-jungmann.html If you're on the favorable side of the Revell's shipping policy, that might be worth checking out. Br, Jani
  2. I hope it's not loo late to add some raffle prizes? I have two books that are offered as separate prizes: - Luftwaffe colours, Volume One, Section 1 - German Aircraft Landing Gear
  3. Hi! It's beginning to look like Christmas.. I'd to enter as a recipient. I'll dig through the stash to find something to donate, I'll post that later.
  4. Did they finish the Finnish demo team decals? I can't find any mention of it from their webpage. I'd definitely be interested. Br, Jani
  5. Hi! I hope I'm not too late with donations. Here's my donations as two separate items: a) winner's choice of decals for B-25 Dutch/PowerHouse (Kits-world 32044) or F/A-18 VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet (Twobobs 32-014) b) a book by Karl Ries/Ernst Obermaier: Luftwaffe Rudder Markings 1936-1945 Br, Jani
  6. Hi, nice to see this happening again. Please add me as recipient. I will find something to donate as well.
  7. I just found this build. If I may join and add my congratulations for a really, really nice looking Lightning. I will save your build for reference. Br,Jani
  8. Nice choice! Are those Rhino intakes? Br, Jani
  9. Whoah. I was going to start this kit but now I'm having second thoughts. I'll be following your progress closely. Br, Jani
  10. Thanks for everyone for their donations and the organizers for keeping it together, that has required some effort. Joyous holiday times and happy new year everyone! -Jani
  11. Hi! I am offering these as prizes. I am already on the other participant list. Item one: Winners choice, either Kitsworld KW132063 War Birds B-17F Flying Fortress 'Ye Olde Pub' or TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 32-036 F/A-18C Feline Hornets, VFA-131 Wildcats Item two: Mosquito wooden wonder by Edward Bishop. Br, Jani 2018raffle
  12. Thanks, I had not realized that RAF Cosford is so close to Telford. I've been to the RAF museum in Colindale and it has been well worth the trip. This makes the trip even more enticing. Br, Jani
  13. Now that would be interesting to see I'll take the plunge and participate with Revell's Me-262 as the most likely candidate. Br, Jani
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