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  1. I loved model master curses to rustoleum company. consider the ak interactive real colors the supposedly do research on to match real relics to their paint the faded olive drab looks good https://ak-interactive.com/product/olive-drab-faded/ they are lacquers as well
  2. Usually with lacquers for me if you mist on the coats gradually you can avoid the crazing. I have done this with alclad with good results otoh a primer coat is very helpful in terms of imperfections and to make sure your seems are good also if you are laying down a mottled layer the primer coats are the first step
  3. Ak international real paints lacquer i use tamiya lacquer primers. When i use other lacquers kr even enamels the primer is not fir adhesion there is usually enough bite fir them to adhere. I think Revell may have used a different mold release which was a bit more oily then tamiya or hasegawa i also omitted the dawn detergent wash. The areas of the model which was primed was fine. Another great primer is kylons black fusion btw lacquer black. AK makes a beautiful paint as does mrp. I do love the color research that gies into real paint
  4. I agree they look so good but fit so poorly
  5. ak ineteractive real colors has dull dark green https://ak-interactive.com/product/dull-dark-green-fs-34092-10ml/ supposedly for the real colors they colormatch real objects. Availible from scale hobbyist and others
  6. boy they are expensive! here is a cobra for 780 usd https://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/SHOP/K501_K502_K503.html
  7. boy they are expensive! here is a cobra for 780 usd https://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/SHOP/K501_K502_K503.html
  8. have not used them but back in the day they were thought to be da bomb
  9. superb building skills love the oil canning effect the markings look painted so either excellent painting or decaling
  10. itis about the journey not the arrival. the hard part of it for me is when it gets screwed up( whups forget to empty the water trap or hmm should have primed the whole model not just the wings. see my posts about the revell p 51)) the effort not to slam it into a wall sometimes is immense, I have put a model on the shelf rarely but 99% of the time I have finished it. sometimes I mutter the mantra as I search for a tiny part on the floor modeling is fun repeated numerous times. I have found that the necessity of figuring out how to fix it bleeds off into life makes me more flexible
  11. your company your rules however a russian helmet to dress up my mig 29 is by the time you convert currany is $8+ usd and shipping is $14 , let's adda figure the newest one is 21 plus usd so two light weight items of 30 plus 14 shipping is $44.00 I know no one is is making me buy one but what is nice to have becomes I pass. sorry your work is beautiful but at athrid the cost of model too expensive
  12. hi norbert does anyone in the us carry your stuff? Would love to buy some but the shipping situation is crazy
  13. More than one way to skin a cat, i really dont have much more to add at this point i am satisfied as to the cause and remedy without another rehash thanks to all
  14. pic and 2 current note the number 5 was not a decal I destroyed it using very warm water to slide it the Cutting edge decals af\re very fine and you must use cool water duh, I was able to mask and paint the nmber 5 without it lifting using post it notes to avoid the oracal 810 from lifting the paint .number 3 shows only the wing and the area with the natural metal finish were primed. I also realize AK paints are very fine and need little thinner so teh lacquer to paint ratio is very low probably another reason why they need a primer coat or a good washing of the plastics pic 4 shows
  15. Ak interactive is a lacquer acrylic thinned with lacquer. Tamiya spray bomb fine primer is lacquer. Lacquer lacquer . enamel for the invasion stripes. No violation of lacquer first enamel second then water based paint. Sorry i thought you all were familiar with the AK based paint line should have specified the lacquer line. Personally i dont use water based paint ironically because i think it lifts. The problem has been over come i think i should have washed the mold release oil off i skipped that step for some reason model master enemels was immune to it . Also second error did not prime t
  16. Tamiya primer is water based? The stuff in the spray cans is lacquer i thought? Any way the only area that lifted was the ones i did not prime, i stupidly did not prime the whole airframe for some reason. Also the lifting was not where the markings were it was around it where i burnished the mask down. Interestingly enough when i minimized the area on a mask with post it notes it worked fine.
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-FAST-FIX-High-Resolution-3DP-Resin-R-2800-LATE-Radial-Engine-Front-NEW/174663514998?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200818143132%26meid%3Daf2cff1821564bc5976492b253947a35%26pid%3D101198%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D154349277760%26itm%3D174663514998%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLCvipPairwiseWebWithBBEV2bDemotion&_trksid=p2047675.c101198.m1985 wow ho to double the cost of a model looks good though
  18. the only real problem with it is that the cowl is not centered right and you need to adjust it down a mm or 2 not a difficult fix. I like it better then the trumpeter as there is all that engine and ducting which does not show. It completes as a beautiful model. Note I did not do the cowl correction as it is barely visible. Kit cockpit alclad paint lsp decals, somebody or others wheels
  19. http://www.the-college-reporter.com/2020/12/31/scale-modeling-hobby-provides-student-with-creative-outlet-during-quarantine/ My wife loves to tell people i do fine scale modeling sometimes i cringe
  20. still hoping for a mig 29a cockpit I predict it will be realsed the day after I glue in the cockpit with the euadward set in
  21. My only issue with this is that shadows depend on incident light and are not static. The other personal problem is that i paint with a melange of paints acrylic enamel and lacquer due to history and color acquisition which further complicates the process. Certainly you get superb results from the artistic application of it and will have to try it
  22. I think i understand the theory but the technique is less clear
  23. makes me want to build another f 16, I did mine with some eduard metal details for the seat and paint but this looks better. lately I have not wanted to use expensive but beautiful resin as it is such a pain to get them to fit. This is a definite plus especially in a jet where you can see the details. Ihav e eduard set for the Mig 29A hopefully there will be a set for this soon
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