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  1. hey they fogged the cockpit must not have had enough future on it heh
  2. o two of my favorite of my favorite hobbies model building, photography and ps
  3. here is the real aircraft from fleet week 2019 btw your build was superb
  4. thanks I usually eyeball it and test spray till satisfied but this is interesting
  5. just finishing the g 10 aside from some globly small parts the fit and finish is pretty good I am impressed with their skill
  6. beautiful model and photographs what did you use for the grass?
  7. here is a site that has it in dxf format for free https://www.readytocut.com/community/threads/ace-of-spades-opener.1156/
  8. sorry about the flight sim post it looks so real can't delte it
  9. at 40,000 per missle vs 25 million in 1997 dollars a good trade. plus the pilot Hard to put a price on a human life( I know they are doing their job for their country although some have to know the nature of their targets)
  10. from a flight sim I found out looks real
  11. translation I was busy bombing this maternity hospital after strafing a kindergaten and the fascist sent this amerikanzy missle at me I was lucky to survive.. to bad the second follow up missile missed
  12. I was struggling a bit then too thin paint to many layers it ran raised edge. Then decided to do a faint layer of tamiya fine white thinned slightly with mr color leveling thinner then did a final layer with mr color white. Came out perfectly. This was sprayed through a cameo mask over the camo pattern
  13. aha here it is https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=3d bases by mario catania
  14. search on Facebook something like 3d diorama his are beautiful but pricey especially with the shipping from Italy
  15. i have a cameo 4 and it rips the kabuki tape I use the ultra mask it is thinner then the 810
  16. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-of-adolf-tolkachev-the-phazotron-chief-designer-who-killed-soviet-aircraft-reputation-and-why-the-su-27-proved-to-be-a-poor-air-superiority-fighter-in-real-combat/
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