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  1. it was a target rich environment for sure
  2. sympathy for you as you see a lot of us have been through this in particular it comes at a tough time when a simple wag and cuddle makes the world go away for a minute. I am sorry for your loss. be strong
  3. I have been to London before but missed my airplane fix the last time. I am going to leave the mrs(swmbo) and have some time to go off. The RAf museum in london is close we will be staying at St james hotel as well as the iwm. Duxford is far about 2 hour bus and train ride which limits how long I can stay. I went to hannuts the last time but did not go to the RAF in cosford that is only about 45 minutes away. So recomendations? I have been to the washington air and space many times my daughter lives in the district. Also the great museum in windsor locks connecticut( that has open cockpit days I got to sit in a mig 15 and F4 zowee) missed the p 47 and mustang boo. anyway hope you guys can give me some advise
  4. touchy I found a many photos online your welcome and in fact two bobs aviation in their missile series also has markings for the pylon
  5. do search on google for f 16 pylons look at the images you will see the markings
  6. can you post a link to the sites review I saw flory's and it did not due well with masking at all
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=69&v=CDeglorsv_8&feature=emb_logo
  8. I have the detlof but it only displays one 1/32 per shelf
  9. and for good measure a restored stuka https://flyingheritage.org/Explore/The-Collection/Germany/Junkers-Ju-87-R-4-Stuka.aspx
  10. https://www.airspacemag.com/history-of-flight/paul-allens-warbirds-180967709/ First generation technology, the Jumo 004 engines that powered the Me 262 in 1945 had a life expectancy of about 25 hours. When the captured jet was flown in the United States, flight trials were discontinued after eight flights required four engine changes. The Germans had just invented the jet engine and “were learning how to refine it, let alone have it work well in combat,” says Jason Muszala, FHCAM’s manager of restoration and maintenance. A team at Aero Turbine in Stockton, California, working with the original two engines and five others acquired from around the world, has almost tripled their lifespans. Says Muszala: “We have a lot of blueprints, but we basically have to operate the engine, discover the weak points, and figure out how to fix them.”
  11. well paul allen at least when he was alive has the planes at the museum fly and he has a lot of very rare birds
  12. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/fhcams-me-262-warpaint-unveiled.html
  13. Wow i have always been facinated by the Titanic However even though i live in a big house where the hell would you display it? Moving it into my garage to paint it would be a project in itself
  14. i bought the aritist loft and am returning it and going with the derwant review to follow
  15. I went to Michaels( a us disount art and hobby store) and got their artist loft water color pencils (24 pencils including a brush)it was 16 usd then 40% off coupon so 10 dollars usd. If nothing else it is worth it to try it out. I am not sure the derwant ( which are very expensive) is worth the extra $. I am not sure about the metalic colors I thought the point of this is that with water they ran? Duplciating dirt grease oil and mud. Metal colors don't run as such and I would guess their are easier ways to do chiipping etc. \ https://www.michaels.com/default/10126136.html#jmp-view-reviews
  16. I ended up the acrylic lacquer from ak interactive
  17. Good to know hobby inc shipping is still expensive
  18. they have ak interactive but the shipping is rediculous perhaps because it is an lacquer the first one I mentioned was much better with the shipping
  19. since the testors colors are gone (not even ebay although was able to get the fulcurm grey) Trying to find the grey green is a pita. Also painting part acrylic and part enamel another pita. anyway found a source for ak interactive acrylic lacquer thinned with lacquer thinner. They have both the grey and green grey reasonable shipping from https://www.michtoy.com/ odering from hobby inc usa the shipping waws going to be over 15 bucks!. From any of the euro stores like wise. so this is a psa for those going to build the trump mig 29 a
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