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Is the Revell George worth much and is it a good kit?

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The kit was really good for it's day (1970s). I think it was the best of the Revell Japan molded aircraft (Tony and Raiden were the other two). The wings however, are subject to warping (the lower section is one piece). As for worth today's prices, it depends on how bad you want one. That's colored by the fact I'm an old fart that used to be able to get any new 1/32 kit produced (I bought the Revell George when it was new!).  Now, I  pick my kits in a severe desire/cost factor.

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I have owned 4 of the kits. All picked up at LHS for under 40 bucks and long

before eBay.  One is a now Rex almost done and the other I still have has all parts off the sprues; a builders kit.  The others were very good “collecting kits”.  These were sold or traded and are now I bet in the pool of kits never to be built.  The expensive wine no one dares to open it seems.


 The kit looks accurate to me but it is a dated kit for sure. I found the kit to be a lot of work to make a credible model; Scratch built cockpit and new panel lines.  Note however that there is new AM for newer kits that can be used on this kit. 

 I will build my second kit but only after I build all the new Japanese kits.  I recommend give the kit a pass and work on new kits unless you really want the type. 

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31 minutes ago, Gary Needham said:

Given you can readily pick up the 1/32 'George' by Hasegawa (I have one and it is superb) for about £50.00 here in the UK, why would you pay more for the ancient Revell one as per the prices quoted in this thread (unless) you were a 'collector' and not an actual builder..?



Simply because the Hasegawa and Revell kits are models of quite different planes! The Revell kit is the early mid-wing version whereas Hasegawa released the later low-wing one.

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2 hours ago, oyoy5 said:

I got one for $50 but you all are correct it is a dated kit and if Hasegawa releases one that would figure to be par for the course.

Nice score for $50n!

note that the mid-wing and the low-wing George shared the same or similar components.  The cockpit of the newer Hasegawa kit is a good starting point for a scratch build of the old Revell kit.  Brengun makes a very good PE set for the Hasegawa George kit.  It would be another good start for your cockpit. 

Many Rex conversions can be

found on the internet so we are ripe for a Rex from Hasegawa.  I should finish mine. All it needs is a change to the fin and a ventral radiator flap. 

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