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  1. Message sent to your PM but I can’t since it’s kicking back you can’t receive messages.
  2. Thanks not sure why they engineered with so many sub assemblies. I have the Trumpeter Su 27 and it’s much simpler.
  3. I’m good with Revell too, ZM have a ton of engineering which is not for me.
  4. Yeah that’s not good but I did see a build online, I think you use 2 tubes of putty which makes no since. I guess the trumpeter kit is the way to go
  5. Got the kit I guess there are multiple issues but I want to fix the spine.
  6. Wow really basic I think the Balsa wood version is much nicer but on a note the old aurora kit looks more accurate in fuselage depth and also the upper wing than the much newer but horribly done 1/28 Revell Fokker D.VII offering due to following the wrong plans which is a darn shame for sure.
  7. Was wondering this is the old kit you put together with a screwdriver if I recall. It’s a monster in size not sure what scale it was.
  8. I didn’t know if there was a part site somewhere on the net they could help me to find part 51. I have gone through Ravello Germany and they have stopped carrying parts for their for this kit since .2014
  9. Just wish Dragin would do a Bf 110G-4 which would be really easy from the E mold. I agree great kit.
  10. Relish is still in business and the nose and a lot of other products are available
  11. Really didn’t want to Upset anyone by creating a totally new post.
  12. Thanks Dave for all your help, I very much appreciate it.
  13. The nose looks way more like and A variant, was just wondering
  14. I sold both my D.VII spurs for 40 bucks which I felt was fair. All of the WNW kits will be reissued at some point by another manufacturer. I can wait
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