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  1. I’m sending Revell and email now, But if that does not work let Hasegawa use the Ju 88A-4 and He 111H-6 molds and make a crap ton of money. At this point I’m wondering what will happen to the Bf 109, Fw 190 and Me 262 molds once we can’t find those kits anymore like the Ju 88 and He 111.
  2. Yes bring back the Ju 88A-4 and He 111H-6 and then release a P-51B and watch you wallet explode Revell. Gotta strike when the iron is hot.
  3. Agree 100% on that, wish I still had my Ju 88A-4 since I have major doubts based on Revells current job model that this will be released anytime in the near future along with your H-6 or even the Arado 196 A-3.
  4. Fokker D.VII will be the next release in 1/24.
  5. Yes Ju 88C-6 would be awesome and yes very few new parts such as nose, flame dampers and small cockpit update but man would it sell.
  6. So crazy how that works
  7. Not sure what Revells thoughts are but the Ju 88A-4 and He 111H-6 would sell a crap ton so what are they waiting for.
  8. The P-51D late is on its way this year but I would love to see the Ju 88A-4 and He 111H-6. Both of those kits were very good and I would think would sell a lot better than the F-18 Super Bug which is still available but a tough build.
  9. Reaching out for Hasegawa to see if they can send me sprue X from the night bomber kit.
  10. Want to build the night bomber version but don’t have the Hasegawa kit.
  11. You are correct sir
  12. Got it yesterday it’s very nice for sure, the designers did and excellent job for sure. Much better than the Merit kit by a long long way. I’m sure the F.1 will be next.
  13. One of their best close to Tamiyas 1/48 for sure which is a huge vote of confidence
  14. I have and e yea set of the Hasegawa D-9 kit props, so those are good to go?
  15. Just wondering since is have the Quickboost D props with the squared off tip. Thank you
  16. Bring on the aftermarket 1/24 decals please to give us a ton of options.
  17. Hey a 1/24 Fokker D.VII would be greaaaaat!
  18. Revell Germany announced it around Xmas
  19. I agree and the later fillet tail is due out later this year.
  20. Hasegawa for ease of build for sure and you can add more details if you wish.
  21. Just wondering I just ordered the Meng Fokker Dr.1 in 1/24. Their reviews look very good.
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