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paradise burning?

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A "national geographic" docu will be aired in Europe this upcoming sunday covering the Californian Paradise event, wasn't that Paul Fisher's home place?

Looking at some preliminary scenes of this documentary it just hits you!!!!

Sooo much fire, sooo much destruction, sooo ,much personal missery, just not real.................

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6 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Yes indeed. And Paul is back near there fighting with the state over his right to put an RV on the property to live in while rebuilding 


Well, that right to put an RV on his own property to live in, should be a "first amendment" anyway, i hope he'll succeed all the way......

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I suspect there is most likely more to the story than just not being allowed to put an RV on it.  Maybe Paul will chime in.


I know the big fire we had in Fort McMurray a few years ago had similar issues with people not being allow back into their neighborhoods because they were all contaminated from the fire.  I suspect this might be the same.  Property might not be inhabitable until its properly cleaned.

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I don't know if that is the case there but that's what happened here.  There were about 2400 homes that burnt down and another 2000+ that were not allowed to go back due to contamination.  Lot's of nasty stuff to burn in cars, trucks and homes from plastic, rubber, paint, chemicals.....


This is what they said about Ft McMurray afterwards in the Guardian.





There is little doubt the fire would have mobilised contaminants, with mercury, other heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) deposited on trees and soils, making the smoke potentially more toxic than a normal forest fire. Even worse were the toxins released by burning the 2,400 buildings and their contents. There’s a lot of stuff like housing shingles, cars, couches and so on that produce a wide range of toxins including mercury, lead and organic compounds, said David Schindler, a retired aquatic scientist formerly at the University of Albert advertisement

People in Fort McMurray at the height of the fire were likely “breathing lungfuls of toxins,”

Those toxins are now in the ash. The first good rain will result in a massive “toxic surge” into waterways including the Athabasca river that runs through the middle of Fort McMurray, said Schindler from the Guardian




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PBS did a documentary already that aired early this year.  It's worth watching.


As for the RV camper thing, it is the town of Paradise itself.  Not everything burned.  Some residents didn't have a thing touched.  If you know anything on how wildfire burns, you can follow a topological map and see there were some decently shielded spots.  Anyway, since things were opened back up, the city council passed an ordinance on what was to be allowed in residential zones.  Their reasoning from my understanding was to preserve some land/house value.  One of the biggest issues with cities after disasters like that is property values.  It doesn't take much for value to drop, but it takes a long time for things to recover.  During their deliberations on this, it was suggested to impose fines on land not cleaned as well as limiting what could be placed on the land such as a big camper.  It's not that they can't go back due to chemicals or something of the effect.  Once CalFire, CHP, and the county went through each structure to determine if it was sound as well as body recovery, they let people back in.  The issue is more along the lines of where does one stay while they begin the long tasks of rebuilding.  Paradise was set out of the way and there isn't any place to stay long term let alone how expensive that would be.  It isn't just the insurance and state of California that is attempting to forgo lube.  The very people in the town government are making it extremely difficult for anyone to come back even with insurance money.  Paul is now living in a condo in town.


There have been numerous issues come to bare because of the fire.  It has never been anything like one would hope.  In fact, well at least to me, it seems every single individual connected to these people have tried to squeeze ever single dime out of them that they can.  Not much if anything is usually left over, and that it even before the homes are rebuilt.  There are plenty of articles and essays from experience online.  All one has to do is google...

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I wonder if there is some sort of "super fund" clean up plan in place?  Or is this on the insurance company to pay for? Thus the fight with his insurance company??   What sucks is the longer it sits, the deeper they have to dig to clean it all up. 

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My good friends (Art instructor from when I lived and attended College there 1993) lost most everything they couldn't

fit in their Subaru in 8 minutes time, and were residents on Pearson rd. since the 70's, escaped surrounded by fire down

Clark rd. into Oroville and decided that was it for them. They soon after bought a house in another city and started over.

He, as like Paul lost his lifetime of artwork, sculptures, book binding business (vintage tooling, historic books) which will

never be replaced.

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.... and still lots of fires are ongoing and raging

for hundreds of days as this map show.


California Fire Map - Los Angeles Times https://www.latimes.com/wildfires-map/


It is sad and heartbreaking  for all those residents

who have lost not only their livelihoods but their

homes where once families thrived and were happy. 


I do hope that 2021 brings these residents some 

recompense and can carry on to live a happy  life.


There  but for the Grace of God go I.....


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