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  1. Glad to hear your buddy is back home and recovering in comfort. Hopefully he will bounce back in no time! Best, J.C.
  2. Thoughts and prayers for a very speedy and full recovery.
  3. Very unfortunate news. Thoughts and prayers for the pilot.
  4. Very happy to hear that the pilot will be okay. He is a very highly regarded former RCAF pilot. Sad to hear about and see the damage incurred by the Corsair....
  5. My father's brother flew 79 missions in a Lancaster with the RCAF as a navigator. Suffered from PTSD for the rest of his life. Lest we forget the sacrifices the Greatest Generation made for our freedom and our future. Let's not dishonour them by throwing it all away........
  6. Yup. Really big fan here as well. Kind of bittersweet knowing this is all coming to an end this season, but I am sure it will not disappoint!
  7. Wow, just wow! There is something so incredibly sublime and graceful about seeing a Phantom in flight. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I dunno, kind of looks like some kind of mutant pigeon without a chin to me.......
  9. I was going to suggest that! Sounds like it would be a lot of fun and a little satisfying, as well, right?
  10. Apparently this is a completely new tool. But you are correct, I have built a few of the earlier kit myself, and they are lovely to build and fairly accurate. Can't wait to see what the improvements on this one are!
  11. Hello, folks! I have several 1/32 scale kits that are needing building badly. I am in the process of transitioning from quarter scale to 1/32 scale, mostly because my eyes are no longer what they used to be. As soon as I start one, I will post some in-progress pics. Admittedly, I have not done much building over the last 18 months (life has a very interesting way of interfering with model building.) I think I will start my 1/32 career with the beautiful Tamiya Spitfire. Guess I am going to need a whole lot more shelf space! Have a great night, model people!
  12. Agreed. Hobbies are supposed to be about fun and relaxation. I build to relieve my stress. If the hobby is going to add to my stress because I am worried about getting the model "perfect", then it defeats the whole purpose for me. Now, this is not to say that challenging oneself cannot be rewarding as well! Just my tuppence.......
  13. I will definitely see this, given I am such a history nerd! It would be really nice to see a new production of Canadian involvement in the war, since a new perspective has not been done in years here. Would love to see some new work done on Hill 70, Vimy Ridge, Ypres, The Somme and Passchendaele. Canadian historian Norm Christie did an excellent series a few years ago called, "For King and Country" but that was the last doc we have done worth any note.
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