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  1. As a teacher myself, it would be a nice change of attitude for once! Most of the time, when my students don't do well, parents want to know what I am doing wrongly! It's NEVER their kid's fault or responsibility! LMAO!
  2. Very sorry to hear of your loss. We lost our puppy last January, and it still hurts. They are truly members of the family. Give yourself time to mourn. It's important. Best wishes.
  3. Definitely you should do the Sopwith Camel. And, would love to see an online build of this beauty!
  4. Don't get me started on those anti-vaccer ...
  5. What high school did you attend, if you do not mind my asking?
  6. This is such a tragic loss for the music world. I have been a fan of theirs all the way back to A Farewell to Kings. I also attended the same high school Geddy and Neil did, though they had graduated a couple of years ahead of me.
  7. So very sorry to hear of this tragic loss of life.
  8. J.C.


    This only goes to prove the veracity of the old saying that there is one born every minute.
  9. Glad to hear your buddy is back home and recovering in comfort. Hopefully he will bounce back in no time! Best, J.C.
  10. Thoughts and prayers for a very speedy and full recovery.
  11. Very unfortunate news. Thoughts and prayers for the pilot.
  12. Very happy to hear that the pilot will be okay. He is a very highly regarded former RCAF pilot. Sad to hear about and see the damage incurred by the Corsair....
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