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  1. To all who celebrate, wishing you a very happy Easter!! May your holiday be filled with warmth and happiness and health, of course!!
  2. That is simply superlative work, Chuck. It actually looks real. Quite masterful, actually. I thoroughly enjoyed following this thread and learning from your tutorials. Thank you for sharing this wonderful build with us. Cheers!
  3. Then you know you are into the good stuff. Level up!!
  4. Ahhh, a nice-sized dram of Lagavulin will do that trick fer ye, laddie!!
  5. Great suggestion, Chuck! They both offer vastly different experiences and both are fabulous in their own right. By the way, FS2020 now has VR capability as well. Mind blowing, it has to be, with those graphics!!!
  6. That looks like a smoking set-up! As to your question about which flight sim to get, it really depends upon where your interests lay. DCS World is outstanding if you want to fly war birds, and their WWII collection is growing all the time!! So if flying war birds is your thing, then I would highly recommend DCS. The downside is that the graphics are not on the level of MSFS2020, there are features that MSFS has that DCS does not. The flight model in MSFS is also more realistic, so I am told. I have experience with MSFS2020 only, so I am going on what the flight sim community generally agrees
  7. As already stated above, that is an outstanding achievement!! You deserve to be extremely proud of yourself!!
  8. Hi Chuck; For what it is worth, here is my opinion. I think you have reached that stage in a truly excellent build process, where now all you can really do is fine-tune it to personal taste. It has to be what looks right to your eye. I think at this point we have left behind the science and have leap-frogged into art. Personally, I think it looks outstandingly realistic judging from the pictures of those CF-104s I have seen. But you are the one who has to look at it, so again, if you are not entirely happy, play around with it. As you said, it is only a matter of wiping off the wash and starti
  9. I just love how you were able to blend the decals in the weathering process to make them look painted on. Outstanding!
  10. Excellent paint work on the Hurricane! Nice and clean. Glad to see you, Dale.
  11. Diefenbaker refused to put nukes on Canadian soil, vowed never to do it, much to JFK's chagrin. I don't think Kennedy ever forgave him for that.
  12. Best wishes, Dale. Sending lots of good karma your way!
  13. Did I somehow manage to vote twice?? Oooopss...... maybe no one will notice?!?
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