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  1. Lovely paintwork with the airbrushing. I am assuming the insignia are all airbrushed on as well? Outstanding work all around!
  2. Deepest condolences on the loss of your father. Mine has been gone for two years now. May his memory always be a blessing for you.
  3. As mentioned above, there goes a whole piece of my youth. I am devastated..... Rest easy, Eddie.
  4. I think it is a matter of personal preference. Iphones are simpler to use, much less of a learning curve. Android devices are more flexible and customizable (although Iphone is coming along in that regard) but require more of a learning curve, in my opinion. Personally, I prefer Android phones. As far as security is concerned, I don't think there is much of a difference between the two. Hope this helps!
  5. Yup. Happens all the time. Just as an experiment, my wife and I started talking about a trip to Portugal in front of our Google Home. Sure enough, we started getting ads for travel to Portugal. I am not saying that smart devices don't have their uses, but as with everything else, we need to practice common sense and exercise good judgement when using these devices.
  6. A true giant in the world of jurisprudence, and a huge defender of human rights for all. May Justice Ginsburg's memory always be a blessing. Baruch Hashem.
  7. I understand there are at least two dozen people missing and presumed dead in Oregon currently. I hope and pray for them and all who are being affected by this needless tragedy.
  8. I say go for it! Park it in front of your large-screen TV, and sit in it while you are watching Top Gun or (insert your favourite airplane movie here). LOL!!
  9. My wife and i watched it just the other day. Completely agree with you, Hanks puts in a wonderful portrayal, the tension does not stop for a minute the whole movie! Beautiful cinematography, as well! I highly recommend this movie. The Battle of the North Atlantic really was hell!
  10. Burning meat, wobbly pops, etc, definitely on the agenda today! Thanks so much, and happy Canada Day, everyone!
  11. Fascinating story. Amazing what people will do to escape totalitarianism. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for the correction! Yes, it was the Jordanians, not the Egyptians in that action. And who could forget "Buzz" Beurling? Another remarkable Canadian hero. Killed while ferrying one of those illegally obtained aircraft to the conflict.
  13. That's really great news to hear. Some fabulous shots of that 'copter.
  14. Stay safe, and if you are ordered to evacuate, please do so. Best of luck.
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