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1/12 Ford GT Mk II/Meng

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I sure hope their decals for Ken Miles' car don't match their box art.  Everybody gets that wrong.  The dark pinstripes on the white racing stripes, and the outline around the circles containing the race numbers were blue, not black.  I have three different 1/24 decals, and every one of them is wrong.

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1 hour ago, LSP_Ron said:

I'm in,


Where can one find that Daytona Coupe?


The only Daytona Coupe kits I know of are in 1/24. One is the old Gunze Hi-tech kit and another is the more recent resin Scale Motorsports kit. The most recent is by Model Factory Hiro. Maybe they'll do one to go with their 1/12 427 Cobra...



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46 minutes ago, D Bellis said:

I don't do FB, so I have to ask:  What did Meng get wrong? 


I'm not a Ford fan, but a friend is and I was considering this kit as a gift to him... 




I'm not real sure they did anything wrong, myself. Some of the comments I saw earlier today, have been that the roof is too round, the fenders are too tall and the front end sits too high.

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