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F 86 Sabre....finished

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This was just going to be a basic build until I looked at the pilots office space. I then bought the Aires resin set and now starting, I will cobble and bumble along as I go...not really being any kind of expert at 50's era jets. 

The box opened


I started dealing with ejector pin craters


had a "better" idea


both brass and kit pipes have the same O.D.


remember, I strive for mediocrity

thanks for looking 

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I sent some pics to a buddy in my local club, he figured it was either an optical illusion or I was B.S.-ing about the pipes...

The brass tube is actually .009" smaller!



glad I took these pictures now!

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Having bitten off much more than I can chew and being beaten by poor fit...that's not entirely true, two pieces of the kit fit perfectly, the top and bottom box halves. The plastic is something I've never really seen in a mainstream kit before, similar to Amodel plastic, waxy and very difficult to sand. Having gotten to the fuselage closing step, the top seam kept reappearing (filled with superglue) until I got fed up with it and poured thin superglue in to the bottom of the kit and poured in some accelerator in after it, after a small cloud of smoke...I'm calling it small, no smoke detectors went off. and re-fill the top seam from the outside, it finally stopped re-appearing. The same issue began with the nose cone fitting. My wife walked past the hobby room as I was using "garage talk" as my wife calls it (colorful metaphors) she asked me, "Isn't a hobby supposed to be fun and relaxing?"...well, I just sat stunned and looked at her....that made soooo much sense.

So, after all that, here's the last image I took of the F-86 project;


Thank you for looking

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oh dear, move on, nothing to see here


Good luck with you're next project, this thread has reminded me to never be tempted by the jazzy box art



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Gotta say, i hear what your saying about the kit. Tried to do this kit twice, wanted an RCAF Sabre, but was denied. Life is short, time to move along.



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Posted (edited)

So after having the kit smudged by Tibetan Monks and getting my attitude straightened out a bit with the CF 188...I have decided to try revisiting the cursed Kinetic Kit. I first dealt with the splitting seams which (knock on wood) have, as yet not re-appeared. Then since I had a dozen sheets of foil that I had originally planned on using on a HK B-17 (which ultimately received Alclad and was the better for it) or building an aluminum canoe...I figure I'll stick it all over this kit and kill two birds with one stone.

The saga continues;



Thanks for looking

Edited by chrish

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