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Pacific Coast Hurricane Mk.1 - Metal Wing

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Guest DeanKB
On 2/23/2020 at 5:09 PM, Alain Gadbois said:

Hi Iain!

Your Hurricane looks great, and the difficulty you had with the windscreen reminded me of a very significant article in Scale Aircraft Modelling, in the October 1999 issue called Hurricane Veracity.

The author notes the canopy rails are not parallel, but curve inward toward the front. This causes the sliding section to flex and the front to rise up to the windscreen. This could explain the discrepancy in height (although perhaps not 2mm) you noticed.

There are other interesting finds in the article among which is the shape of the wing leading edge to fuselage that is straight, not curved when looked at from above.



49758283152_d998a061fa_5k.jpgHurricanep1 by dekenba1, on Flickr


49757426108_f171b3e7d2_5k.jpgHurricanep2 by dekenba1, on Flickr

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A little progress - rudder hinges done - and rudder fitted.


Elevator hinges are done - just doing some final prep before fitting.


Resin exhausts prepped and trial fitted.








Gunsight assembled and painted.


Photos of latter to follow...


Tally Ho!



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Another project that's been on pause whilst I played with the Andover...


Yesterday I got around to painting the seat and making up the seat straps that come with the kit (produced by Eduard).


Seat location is vague - so it was boded lower front with Epoxy (to give me some alignment time) and superglue at the back.


Also made up, painted and fitted the gunsight (excuse the dust!).




And did some more work on the base of the windshield - getting there...








Blue Skies!





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Gunsight fixed and re-painted, windshield given a final fettle and fixed in place, and elevators filed to fit and added.


Almost ready for primer...






Canopy is a huge improvement - and windshield now the same height as the sliding portion!


Polished up well with some Novus Plastic Polish and soft tissue:






Note that the sliding portion sits a little high on the rails - I'll either add sliders to the canopy to engage with the rails - or just glue in position.









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