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Caudron C.714, Azur, 1:32

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Hi all,

as part of the Eastern Front group build I have completed the Azur kit of a Cauldron C741 as delivered to the Finnish Air Force at the beginning of WWII.  These aircraft were eventually not used as during airfield testing it transpired that the take-off and landing distances required by the plane wer much larger than the runways of the various Finnish airfield had available.

Only 6 were delivered to the Finnish AF, and 4 crashed during the tests.  This aircraft represents one of those that were not damaged, and the only surviving example of its kind with the Finnish markings.  It is now being restored in Poland as a trubute to those Polish pilots who used this aircraft agains the Germans while fighting with the French.

Hope you enjoiy the pics as much as I had making the kit.






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9 hours ago, quang said:

Nice rendition of this overlooked fighter. Tidily built and nicely painted camouflage. :clap2:

 I remember having built the Williams Bros racer version of this plane. ‘Twas long time ago, in another century.:rolleyes:

What’s next on your bench?

not sure yet,  it's a toss up between a Silverwings Gladiator and a Roden SPAD.


7 hours ago, petrov27 said:

Fantastic build and great finish! I love seeing these lesser known aircraft and kits being completed!


5 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Excellent build!




4 hours ago, Thunnus said:

Another great result for an esoteric subject!  Well done!  And I recognize that pilot from a recent build! But I gave up trying to paint it! ;)

Thanks lads.  The pilot came from a Tamiya Corsair kit and I will most likely add a few figures to this.  I decided rather than making a separate board for each plane I will make a generic board (this one) with a pilot getting ready for a test-flight.  I think I will add a guy holding a parachute ready next to the pilot suggesting that the testing area is surrounded by large areas of deep water as well as land.

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