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Lukgraph 1/32 Sopwith Baby announced

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Lukasz has announced Sopwith Baby on their facebook page


beautiful plane :speak_cool:




4 box versions.
32-22 Sopwith Baby - British service (2 painting schemes)
32-23 Sopwith Baby - French service (1 painting)
32-24 Ansaldo Baby - Italian service (2 painting schemes)
32-25 Sopwith Baby - German captured plane (with wooden trolley)










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4 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Always wanted a Sopwith baby, and thought WnW would get around to it, but its one I've loved for a while now, so appears the Baby will be my first Lukgraph kit! 


And they still may.

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Not sure, the crystal ball is a little murky. Do know this IS another in the Sopwith line up, and will get one.

Bonus: already have the Windsock Datafile.

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