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1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Liberator Assembly Ship Tubarao


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Had this one in the stash for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it until DN Models released their mask set for this particular aircraft.








Most of these assembly ships were war weary airframe stripped of guns etc and very often had turrets removed and faired over with extra lights added to the tail. Tubereo however looks like she had all turrets intact and still carrying guns except in the waist, not sure about the sperry turret however but I will fit it unless any info to the contrary comes up.


Obviously there has been plenty written about this kit but for me it looks like a Liberator and its 1/32 so what's not to like and I'm just going to try and have a fun build and hopefully end up with a nice looking model when finished.


Now, there are some strangely placed ejector pin marks in places on this kit and to that end I started with the cockpit rear bulkhead and removing the moulded on detail, filled the ejector pin Mark's and then used evergreen strip.






Hopefully show some more progress in the next day or so.



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One of the first aftermarket sets I purchased for this was the Aiscale instrument panel which is a huge improvement over the kit part.






The large nickel silver fret is excellent and easy to fit in place of the kit parts.




And a quick fit of the foward internal structure to see what the fit is like.




Have to say the quality of fit on this kit is excellent so far. Definitely room for weight to be added in the gap under the cockpit floor me thinks.


Regards  Andy

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19 hours ago, TorbenD said:

Great start Andy - gotta love these assembly ships - proper eye candy!




Agreed with that Torben, so many interesting schemes on those assembly ships and DN models produce a few nice mask sets of these.


Regards. Andy 

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9 hours ago, Vynce804 said:

Hi Andy,

great subject and really interested to see how you get on with this kit.  I’m already impressed by the lengths you will go to I correct the injector pin marks!  Cheers. Matt


It's a big old cockpit opening with the two fuselage halves closed up and the rear cockpit bulkhead will be right on show so given the way the sink marks where places it was quicker and easy to remove the moulded detail and replace with new once the holes were filled.


Regards. Andy 

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My attention was drawn to getting the nose wheel assembly sorted early on due to the assembly sequence and with HB suggesting 300g of nose weight to stop this being a tail sitter I decided to invest in Aerocraft Models superb bronze struts. These are very nicely cast with minimal clean up required.




Now, the kit supplied tyres are a vinyl rubber type which I'm not that taken with but I thought I'd have a go with them but immediately found a slight problem.




The wheel/ tyre is just to big and will not fit, so speaking of over size tyres I checked the main wheels in to the wing well openings




and they don't fit so go figure that one out!! So after a bit of a look around at resin replacements I went for the True Details set for this kit over the Eduard B-17 set as I would still need to source a nose wheel.




Pretty happy with this set, they clean up really nicely and fit as well which certainly helps matters.






With that I completed the nose gear assembly with no problems and have to say the fit of the assembly in to the bay is perfect.






I did assemble the whole gear as one so I could paint it seperately and then fit in to the painted wheel well when complete.


Regards. Andy

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I must say those landing gear inserts look the business

I do hope he produces more of those asap!


this bird is on my list because as you say it's one of the few liberty ships where the pics clearly show guns (some at least) - I really like that look

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On 10/3/2019 at 3:23 AM, Gazzas said:

Great start to what looks to be a great project, Andy!

Thanks Gaz, hopefully I will be able to pull  the scheme of as it's quite an interesting one.



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On 10/3/2019 at 4:59 AM, Uncarina said:



Really inspiring start! I will be following this and taking notes.


Cheers,  Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for looking in, the kit definitely has its shortcomings but the fit is excellent and with some careful work should look like a B-24 when complete.



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