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I-16 type 24 - Special Hobby

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Hi Gents,

Here is my latest bild - I-16 type 24 from Special Hobby..It was not a simple build,it's an older short run kit which means many adjustments such as adding detail to the surface, etc.,etc...I used my favorite Tamiya Acrylic paints for spraying camouflage,and Humbrol paints for coloring small details in cockpit.All markings are sprayed,the Gvardia badge and stencils on rudder are decals,that I drew myself.I made the weathering with filters from heavily diluted Tamiya acrylic paints,watercolor pencils and AMMO pigments..As the final varnish I used water based Clear Humbrol Satin..Next build - I-16 type 17 from the same Producer..

Enjoy! :rolleyes:



















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Awesome work, Daniel!


3 minutes ago, Kendzior said:

And what a pity Photobucket is trying so damn hard to spoil it with its "advertising".


It's weird: I'm not seeing the Photobucket crap on the images here, but when I shared it on Facebook, it appeared there! Bizarre. And that's why we love to hate them.




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